Think I have a virus

  VEG 09:45 10 Dec 2007

Hi all after downloding a program from the net my avast anti virus picked up a virus in it. I then told avast to delete it which i thought it did. Now when i turn pc on the icons on my desktop keep dissapearing and then come back on. Also the tool bar at the bottom does the same. I have tried going into safe mode and its the same there as well. Any ideas?

  p;3 09:50 10 Dec 2007

you do not mention which program it was you downloaded from the internet nor from which sourse you got it; also what other protection you DO have on there and when last updated and run; and are you on XPsp2 and fully updated with all your windows updates; and is system restore enabled?

  VEG 09:53 10 Dec 2007

Sorry downloading a game from azeurus. Win xp sp2 all up to date as of 2 days ago. Also tried system restore and I cant seem to go back to any previous restore points.

  p;3 09:58 10 Dec 2007

that is from a P2P file sharing sourse?

do you have no other protection programs on board apart from your antivirus program?

what was the name of the game you downloaded?

  johndrew 09:59 10 Dec 2007

If you can get online go to Housecall click here and do a scan; you must use IE for this.

If not, download the Damage Cleanup Engine click here and the Virus Pattern Files click here and use that to scan.

  VEG 10:01 10 Dec 2007

I have spyware buster and ad aware running. It was from p2p have not used this before and wont be doing it again either. Was downloading delta force.

  VEG 10:05 10 Dec 2007

Will try those if i can get on net with main pc. Using laptop at the moment.

  p;3 10:11 10 Dec 2007

hopefully you may have learnt a hard lesson about using P2P stuff?
if it will let you ; all these are FREE and safe; fully update each and run each on a full deep scan
click here
click here (blue box;free for personal use)

click here

you want the free for private use version
depending on how much is on your computer they MAY take a wee time to run

let us know how you get on with that lot;

just to show you; have a look at this lot; this discusses 'crack' or illegal software; a NO NO if you wish to keep your computer safe
click here=

adn one hopes you are on Broadband?

  VEG 10:16 10 Dec 2007

Yes on broadband.

  p;3 10:16 10 Dec 2007

and another option /alternative is; do you have the XP CD for the messed up computer and the license key, as if all else fails you well be needing it;

  VEG 10:24 10 Dec 2007

I have a recovery cd that came with pc but that is for xp without any updates on it as in no service pack 2

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