Things a bit Sticky after IE11 update !

  Furkin 11:34 04 Jan 2014

Hi all,

Another niggling anomaly !

This might be coincidental, but my system seems a little bit sticky in Ebay since installing IE11. I now find that some buttons don’t work,,,,, important ones like Add to Basket, Back-page, Get Rates (in postal pages).

I have removed temp files (which I do regularly anyway). I have scanned with MS Essentials, Malwarebytes & newly installed Avast (as recommended on these pages), Actually, I installed Avast at a similar time.

Malwarebytes picked up a couple of PUP files, which I deleted. Nothing else was found.

I was considering a System Restore, but about 6 of ‘em only go back 4 weeks, and the other (System Image Restore Point) goes back to April 2013. I don’t think the first ones go back quite far enough,,,,,, but the last one – too far.

I have put Ebay in the Compatibility system – to no avail.

I think my first question is: Is there a known problem between ebay & IE11?

Is Avast likely to cause similar things ? If not, I guess I have a problem with the kit (or the nut that uses it).

Happy New year folks.

Asus M5A78L-M LX : Phenom IIx2 : 4gb ram : PSU: OCZ 500w : nVidia GT440 : HDD: Samsung 1tb + W.D 1tb : IE.11 : Win 7 ult (32) + Avast : MS Essentials : Malwarebytes

  Furkin 15:02 05 Jan 2014


It isn't just EBAY.

I've just found that I get similar niggly things in my Moonfruit pages. When I click on a button, it looks like its working,,,,, highlights, or blinks or something, but after that - nothing.

Things seem better in Firefox, so I guess it is something to do with IE11. IE10 was fine.

Has anyone else come across this ?

Is it o.k to downgrade ?

  onthelimit1 15:54 05 Jan 2014

You should only have ONE AV running - either MSE or Avast!, but not both. If you want to stick with Avast! , uninstall MSE. May be the conflict between the two that's causing you problem.

  Furkin 11:24 09 Jan 2014

Thanks guys:

onthelimit: Can I just disable Essentials whilst I try Avast ? I don't want to fully uninstall it if I don't have to.

After reading these pages, I think i'd prefer to stick with Avast - but need to run tests first.

Jock1e: I've had a look, but don't know enough about what each box/tick is for ! (Thick or wot ?)

I haven't heard anyone else having trouble with IE11,,,,, but then, I always seem to get the niggly things,,,, grrrr

As usual - I'm not getting Notifications, so apologies if my replies are a little tardy.

  iscanut 11:38 09 Jan 2014

Why not try Firefox or Google Chrome instead of IE and see if you get the same problems.

  Furkin 12:53 09 Jan 2014

Cheers guys, About an hour ago I uninstalled Avast - as I thought it easier to do that than play around with MS.Essentials.

I have only tested it for a couple of moments - am dashing out to the hospital.

It seems - in these few moments - that everything is back to normal, & running IE11 successfully. Even logging into PCA was quicker & smoother than it was over the past few days.
I'll know more when I get home and put it through a couple of hours work.

I think though - if all is well, I want to Uninstall MS.Essentials & run Avast only. But that won't be for a couple of days yet.


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