Things appearing and strange goings on.

  bellyshere 15:06 30 Jun 2003

First off. Pictures that i haven't downloaded keep appearing on my folders. For example, on an mp3 folder which contained a track by matthews southern comfort, a picture appeared of the band on the folder. The folder was previously just plain. I have never downloaded this picture and i can't find it anywhere else on my c drive. Also i cant get rid of the thumbnail picture, unless i delete the folder.
Also in certain folders if i click on properties, it says that i,ve got say 15 files in the folder. When in reality there appears to be only five. What the f*$& is going on. Have i been hacked and soneone is taking the *[email protected]:?

  leo49 15:21 30 Jun 2003

IF you're using Media Player, check your Options under Tools - there are various settings to retrieve music info,cover pics,etc from the Web.

Can't be more precise as I've never used it.


  DieSse 16:38 30 Jun 2003

There are clearly some hidden files in the folder - If you change the Explorer View options to show hidden files, you'll probably see the downloadaed pictures.

In Explorer - go to Tools - Folder Options - View tab - and search amongst the option boxes.

  Brisixty 17:27 30 Jun 2003

May I suggest a system Virus Scan. Is your Antivirus software up to date?
Just a thought......!


  bellyshere 19:21 30 Jun 2003

Thanks found the hidden files. Don't know where they came from though.

  barrie_g 19:33 30 Jun 2003

album art is often part of the mp3 when you download from the net.

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