Things about Win2000

  jack 17:57 02 Aug 2005

This a/noon I have seen helping a buddy with some probs on his 2000 system

A couple of things however would not respond to my ministratins.
I wonder therefore is 2000[about which I nkow not a lot] has differences to its predaseser [98 etc- or its successor XP

1. The modem will not 'hang up' when done with and
the short cuts I know were not there or did not respond in 2000 .

2. I wanted in association with the above to place a shortcut of the modem on the bottom desk top task bar- So short cut to desk-top drag to task bar.
To the desktop OK- but it would not get itself to the task bar. dragging it brought up the No entry sign on an empty task bar.
Any tips would be appreciated

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 19:01 02 Aug 2005

when connected if you right click the television screen icons bottom right task bar you should be able to disconnect from thereas for a modem short cut cant say i have heard of that one

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