They're getting crafty. I think.

  colberly 15:45 15 May 2004

I just received an e mail with an attachment. The subject line was Important information. I did delete it but also found that AVG did not detect any virus since the attachment was in Zip format. I do feel there was a possible virus since the Netsky one is doing the rounds again and AVG has detected this in other e mails with the same heading, but where the attachment has not been 'zipped'

  kinger 15:48 15 May 2004

I too received this one today, along with other subject headings that are designed to make you open the attachment.

Deleted, of course.

  Djohn 16:08 15 May 2004

I think this is the way that AVG works. For it to notice the possible virus in an attachment or zipped file it will first need to be opened or manually scanned.

If the email itself contains a virus, AVG will spot it but I think their recommendation [AVG] for attachments/zipped files is to copy them over to the desktop and run a manual scan before opening. I may be wrong on this but this is the way I do it if I have any doubts.

As a side issue, earlier on this week while browsing this forum and one other at the same time, AVG flashed an alert on screen that I had picked up the worm, "Worm/agobot.13 BK". I logged off and ran a manual scan of AVG which picked it up and healed it. Using XP Pro. I first cleared all temp. files, turned off system restore then enabled again after the scan.

Logged back on and was immediately hit again with the same worm! Went through the same procedure as above, logged back on and within a couple of minutes while looking for details on this virus was again hit 6 times with the same virus!

I again went through the same procedure of removing the virus and with some hesitation logged back on again but this time everything has been fine and it has not come up again for the past few days.

I have been using the internet now for four years without picking up a virus of any sort. Last week I had my first. "Worm/DEDLER.G" then this week with the one mentioned above.

This is the first time That I've seen AVG in action and must say I'm impressed with it. j.

  JNKScot 22:34 15 May 2004

NAV Pro 2004 scans zipped files as well as uncompressed ones

  GaT7 22:54 15 May 2004

I think using a program like MailWasher or POP Peeper is the best way to keep ALL unwanted emails off one's PC, so you don't need to rely on any AV scanner. You can preview messages & delete the dodgy ones directly off the server before accessing with your e-mail client. For MW free - click here (one email account), PP - click here (multiple email accounts). HTH, G

  colberly 10:08 16 May 2004

Thanks for the replies. Djohn, luckily aoart from the emails which have contained a virus attachment I have never seen AVG in action, thank goodness. The email I got with the zipped attachmnt yesterday was not from an address I recognised so it was just deleted without opening.

JNKScot, I'm afaid NAV is a no,no as far as I am concerned. I did have it previously on my PC and no end of problems occurred, so it was eradicated.

Crossbow7, I haven't tried mailwasher, but since I don't get too many e mails I have never thought it worthwhile. Perhaps I will give it a try.

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