These updates will NOT install for last 5 weeks!!!!...Driving me crazy, lol!!!

  julius44 17:27 18 Jul 2011

Hello and good evening to u all. I have a windows 7 desktop pc, ive had no problems wuth it, as ive had it since may, but there are % updates that refuse to install and ALWAYS seem to fial, and i dont know why, initially the failed updates were just 3 now they've increased to 5!!! They all seem to be linked to office 2003 that I have on my desktop.

Okay here we go..these are the following 5 updates that are failing:

  1. Security update for microsoft office 2003 KB2493523 (1.0mb)
  2. Security update for microsoft Excel 2003 KB2541025 (4.9MB)
  3. Update for microsoft 2003 OFFICE KB2539581 (1.1mb)
  4. update for microsoft office 2003 KB2543854 (12kb)
  5. Update for ms outlook 2003Junk email filter KB2553971 (3.4mb)

It gives me an error code of 80070643. I have googled this error code, but i'm confused about what it is asking me to do, So if someone could kindly give me some simple advice on how to rectify the problem quickly please. many thanks Jules

  chub_tor 17:46 18 Jul 2011

Did you follow the steps for Office 2003 shown in this Microsoft Link Click Here?

  julius44 18:08 18 Jul 2011

Yes Chub_tor, i followed the link, and I did exactly as requested, then i restarted my pc......still all 5 updates are failing!!! any other suggestions please??

  Housten 19:40 18 Jul 2011


I too have Windows 7 ( Home premium 64 Bit ) with Office 2003 ( Professional). As I have not had a problem like yours I like to see what answers you get and what to do about the problem should it occur. However I was completely stymied by chub_tor's suggestion when I went on to the link - it states to use 'System and Maintenance' in Control Panel. Well I have a 'System' but absolutely nothing about 'Maintenance', so what did you use and how did you get to 'System and Maintenance'. It would be very useful to know. Many thanks in advance.

  chub_tor 20:20 18 Jul 2011

Housten I just checked what you said and I notice that Adminstrative Tools is found under System and Security not under System and Maintenance

  julius44 20:27 19 Jul 2011

Hello all, and good evening to u all. i'm still hoping that i can get help with the problems for getting mu updates to install please.Chub_tor i followed your instructions, but still no joy. Any other suggestions please anyone???

  Halmer 21:37 19 Jul 2011

I had a similar problem so I installed them one by one and it worked.

Bit of a pain restarting PC each time but worked ok.

  Halmer 21:38 19 Jul 2011

I had a similar problem so I installed them one by one and it worked.

Bit of a pain restarting PC each time but worked ok.

  northumbria61 22:20 19 Jul 2011

I am with chub-tor on this one in that I think your problem is linked to Windows NET.Framework. There is further advice to follow here link text It may be worth trying Halmer's advice first.

  v1asco 03:02 20 Jul 2011

Had the same problem. Instaling one by one adn folowing the solve this problem link (or similar) solved my issues.

  ventanas 14:38 20 Jul 2011

It's possible that the original downloads have corrupted and every time you try to update Windows thinks it's already got them and of course they won't work. Trace them individually on the Microsoft web site using the KB numbers (make sure you get the right version check for 32bit or 64bit) download and install individually.

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