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  ams4127 19:32 25 Nov 2010

Everytime I go to these forums IE9 shuts down with the error "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close down". I've had to take this web address off my home pages otherwise IE won't work.

Everything works fine in Firefox and Chrome.

I know that IE9 is still in beta release but was wondering if anyone else had this problem.

  northumbria61 19:39 25 Nov 2010

Try going to - Tools - Internet Options - Advanced Tab - untick "Enable third-party browser extensions" - if not already unticked.

  birdface 19:44 25 Nov 2010

If you mean this forum Join the club.
A few of us on here having problems and don't know what is causing it.
Try going to Command prompt and type in ipconfig /flushdns and press enter on the keyboard,it should tell you dns cache has been flushed if so reboot and see if it makes any difference.
There was a Microsoft update for IE9 beta the other night so if you have not downloaded it maybe try it now.
You could also try the Fix it on this to see if that will help.

click here

A few threads out there at the moment with the same problem maybe have a look at some of them to see if you can pick up any tips.

  birdface 19:56 25 Nov 2010

Or maybe download Firefox.
I am using that just now and it is flying compared with I/E.

  northumbria61 20:08 25 Nov 2010

I have to agree with buteman - I use Firefox ALL the time without any problems and I find it quite fast.

The problems I think ams4127 is experiencing could be down to IE9 being BETA. If you have to use IE I would revert to IE8 and wait for the "bugs" to be "ironed out"

  ams4127 20:40 25 Nov 2010

I'm accessing this site now using Firefox and it's working fine, as I said in my original post.

I'll try the fixes kindly suggested and see what happens.

I know IE9 is still beta so I'm not worried by this problem. As I said, this is the only site which causes problems. It's one of five which open when IE9 boots, it takes the longest time to load and then crashes IE. Opening this site from a typed URL causes an immediate crash as well.

Deleting it from the home pages means that all is well and IE9 really flies.

I'll return and let you know if anything works.

Thanks for your kind replies.

  ams4127 23:02 25 Nov 2010

I've tried all the fixes without any luck. Tried the MS IE troubleshooter as well which couldn't find anything wrong.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled, reset this, that and the other and still the problem persists.

I'll send feedback to MS and hopefully a future update will provide a cure.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

  birdface 07:17 26 Nov 2010

If you get any feedback from Microsoft could you share it with us as it may help others.

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