these email scams are getting better - watch out

  theDarkness 21:04 30 Mar 2011

I thought this was legit today from paypal for a split second when using a family laptop to check my emails, as my own email address was showing for who it was sent to, unlike the majority of spam that have "undisclosed-recipients" or similar-almost clicked! click here

I realised at the last min that it was not being sent to the right email associated with my paypal membership-with its real address showing at the bottom of the page, which appeared as "email0.paypal" as I highlighted "click here" from part 1-just a little suspect! So almost caught out as I have recently sent off for a few items through paypal (the money really did come off though, I checked today). im assuming that the official emails do not show "email0..." or im going to get caught out one day! Looks like another fresh email registration will be on its way soon to avoid these mails :(

  theDarkness 21:07 30 Mar 2011

that second "click here" link above should actually say "paypalcouk"

  theDarkness 13:56 31 Mar 2011

Its definately not-all the links on the email would have redirected me to that scam "email0" website and not the real paypal website :( I think I was half asleep last nite, I shouldnt be putting up links to the scam sites *slap himself in the face*! Ive emailed advisor staff to either delete or edit the above message, as I dont want anyone trying out the scam "email0" site, instead of the real "paypal co uk". Im betting the scam website probably does look identical to the real thing, copying the web images from the real paypal. If I get anymore of these, Im changing my email address, but this was the first scam email ive received with my real name and address on it (not shown obviously). Perhaps PC Advisor will do a helpful up to date article on the subject in future, although I sussed it was a fix, relations I showed it to were fairly shocked and said that they could have clicked. Id like to find out how these scammers are now able to get or at least show my email and private info in the first place :(

  theDarkness 15:31 31 Mar 2011

One thing I noticed is that real emails from paypal are usually from
"service at paypal dot com"
and not the long-winded
"paypal at info paypal dot co dot uk"
that was in my email.

aside from finding out a questionable "service0.paypal" when highlighting paypal co uk in 'part 1' of my image, real paypal emails tend to only show your first and last name in the first part of an email, never any middle name. Im sure this last difference isnt the best way to diagnose whether the mail is a spoof or not-just incase the real paypal changes how they address users in the future.

Thanks for that article on how paypals own staff sometimes struggle to work out whats genuine or not-not a good thing to find out though! :)

  RJA2409 21:29 01 Apr 2011

it is wring that people can do this and there are no online police to control this worrys me as i have only just started shopping online.

  RJA2409 21:29 01 Apr 2011

it is worring that people can do this and there are no online police to control this worrys me as i have only just started shopping online.

  wee eddie 03:49 02 Apr 2011

will be addressed to your Login Name, not to the name in your e-mail address.

If it is addressed to you e-mail address it is a fake

  theDarkness 23:50 02 Apr 2011

yes, these questionable mails usually use my full name- first, middle, and last-its as if the scammers have simply copied my full details from the yahoo mail database, rather than paypals own (which only lists my first and last name when I check my paypal profile).

obviously the only way to make sure you are 100% safe is to never click on any links in any emails at all, even if you think the email is legitimate, use the address bar instead to visit the official website. if you do start receiving far too many scam emails from paypal or similar, changing to a new email address might help, even if unknowingly for how long, and a short-term solution, its better than nothing. with the amount of scam paypal emails that are doing the rounds trying to con customers, you would think paypal would simply stop adding links within its own emails that it sends out to its customers.. but if you really MUST click on a paypal email link, at least highlight it first, to see if its true location (likely to be now showing at the bottom of your browser or next to the mouse pointer) really does match the emails text, just as in my image :)

  theDarkness 23:55 02 Apr 2011

"just as in my image" of course meaning that my image does NOT show a legit location, the web address paypalcouk actually going to a scam "email0" website! :)

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