Thermal heat paste - how do I remove it?

  kjrider 19:07 22 Jul 2007

Hi there - just a quick one. My AMD CPU is stuck firmly to the heat sink. How do I remove it from the thermal heat sink paste that I used to put it there. I am not too keen to use brute force in case it breaks.

  Totally-braindead 19:14 22 Jul 2007

I've only had this once and it was necessary to break the seal it had, I used the handle end of a toothbrush and trimmed it to a wedge and gently pushed it round all the edges till it broke the seal. Wasn't keen on using anything metal as it would scratch the heatsink but the plastic toothbrush handle did the job.

  Diemmess 19:15 22 Jul 2007

If you realy need to separate them then try twisting or sliding the heatsink NOT a straight pull.

I'd be reluctant to use any solvent, but if you become desparate, good old WD40 and time should loosen them.....but in this case you must remove from the motherboard first.

  Element Tech 19:47 22 Jul 2007

Turn your PC on for a few minutes so the CPU warms up slightly. This makes the thermal paste slighlty more gooey and and easy to work with. Turn the machine off and get twisting on the heatsink, also add a very small amount of pulling pressure at the same time. Not too much though as your will pull the CPU straight out of the socket and damage the pins.

Best of luck with it :)

  Mac70 19:49 22 Jul 2007

I dabbed on my mums nail varnish remover and used a credit card to scrape the residue.

  kjrider 11:05 24 Jul 2007

Hi there - have just found that White Spirit seems to do the job OK. Its a bit cheaper than the £7.99 small bottle of thermal paste remover in the shops.

  Totally-braindead 14:18 24 Jul 2007

Not keen on the white spirit idea as white spirit leaves residue behind, you can't see it but its there.

  paul€ 16:17 24 Jul 2007

warm it in the motherboard and twist.

To clean it, same as Mac70. Nail varnish remover.

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