Is there a wireless external modem

  johnanthony 20:31 21 Mar 2008

Stupid question but here is the problem.
My friend bought a laptop which did not have an internal modem. It has a network card/socket and is wifi enabled.
She, however, only wants dial up to send and receive emails.
Is there a product that acts like an external modem but connects wirelessly to the laptop?
In other words plugs into the telephone socket and uses the wifi in the LP to connect?
The LP is running vista home basic and won't accept drivers for a pci card or usb external modem.
The machine will connect to the internet via a secure hotspot but not an uncecured one.
Thanks in advance

  Joe R 20:47 21 Mar 2008


what about a wireless router.?

Connect it by cable to your Internet connection, and wirelessly to your lappy.

A google search for Vista Home Basic capable drivers for a router would maybe be a good start though.

  Joe R 20:49 21 Mar 2008

Oops, forgot you will need an external modem also.

  setecio 20:51 21 Mar 2008

click here

is a dial up usb modem - I don't understand why it wouldn't work ?

No there is not a wireless dial up modem.

  woodchip 20:55 21 Mar 2008

Check click here

  ambra4 20:59 21 Mar 2008

I don’t believe there is a Wifi wireless external modem but there is a few Bluetooth
version available

With the first two you will have to also get a USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect to the modem

Trust 56K V92 Bluetooth Wireless External Modem

click here

56k V92 Bluetooth wireless modem

click here

Typhoon Bluetooth 56K wireless modem kit

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  ambra4 21:08 21 Mar 2008

The only one available is sold at present in the USA

Nebo Wireless Link lets dial-up users experience the convenience of wireless Internet for a very low price.

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  johnanthony 09:03 22 Mar 2008

Thanks everyone for confirming what I thought to be the case.
For info this lady is in her 70s, just wants to send emails and the odd picture. We live in Spain and minimum for braodband is €50 a month and she just won't get her money's worth.
If she can get connected,she can of course dial up for the cost of the phone call. We do have free hotspots but she can't connect because they are unsecured - she gets connected to the network but not the Net. We think this is a vista problem.
If anyone has any gems please do let us have them.
Thanks again. J

  woodchip 10:13 22 Mar 2008

Why can she not just use a Wired Modem Dial-Up. The computer will most likely have a connection to connect to it. If she as a telephone line that's all that is needed for the above

  setecio 10:15 22 Mar 2008

To use unsecured hotspots you can use a VPN which creates a secure tunnel and allows secure connection to the net. One reason for VPNs is exactly the situation you describe where the whole connection goes on within the secure VPN tunnel.

I'm not an expert on VPNs so maybe someone else could advise.

  setecio 11:10 22 Mar 2008

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