Is there a way to take an internet connection with me abroad?

  acmcameron 22:06 17 Apr 2014

I am going to be working in Spain for a month and the flat I am being put up in does not have internet access. I'll be taking my laptop and I really need to use the internet regularly. Is there a simple way I can take internet access with me, through a dongle for instance?

  rdave13 22:17 17 Apr 2014

I would ask your mobile phone provider for a deal. It will be expensive no doubt.

  wee eddie 23:53 17 Apr 2014

You'll be drinking a lot of coffee, unless you're right out in the country.

You'll need to equip it to receive a WiFi signal and then beat a path to the nearest Cafe

  The Kestrel 15:11 18 Apr 2014

This thread on Spanish WiFi dongles may help you:

click here

  The Kestrel 15:12 18 Apr 2014

Sorry!! Should have said Spanish mobile internet dongles not WiFi.

  Ian in Northampton 16:02 18 Apr 2014

We have very successfully used a 3G dongle in Italy (we have a holiday home there). We pay €20 for, I think, 5GB that expires after a month - so it's not desperately cheap. The problem is finding a store that sells them and then telling them what you want. We just couldn't find the Italian for 'dongle' - but it seems that 'chiavetta' is what we were looking for. You simply plug the dongle into your laptop, and away you go. You can also get 3G dongles with in-built wi-fi if more than one user wants Internet access at the same time.

Note: DO NOT buy a dongle in the UK and take it with you. With one of the major providers, it will probably work, but you'll pay extortionate roaming charges for your data.

This doesn't apply so much to the 3 network with their 'Feel at Home' program, but that hasn't yet extended to Spain. (We have used it with success in Italy, though).

This may help.

  Ian in Northampton 16:06 18 Apr 2014

wee eddie: it's not always that easy. In Italy, I believe, for counter=-terrorism reasons, you need an Italian social security number to attach to a cafe wi-fi zone. And, pretty much anywhere, I think you need your passport if you want to sign up for a dongle.

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