Is there a way to roll back to an old isp ip address

  Rizlo 00:54 03 Apr 2009

I know how to change my ip address for my BT home hub, but i would like to know if i can revert back to an old ip address and vice versa.

My ip is dynamic of course.

The reason i ask is because i share my lappy with my bro, and he causes controversy on a forum i am fond of. He has been banned before, and my account was banned too through ip ban, so i wish to have a ip for me, and a separate on for him. That way, i want be banned for his mischievous ways.

By the way, this is his laptop not mine, so i cant ban him from using)

I hope i can have a separate ip for my account..... please help


  brundle 00:59 03 Apr 2009

The ranges and assignments are decided by whatever hardware is implemented at the provider's end - unless you pay extra for a static IP (the last thing you want in your case) you have no control over what IP your modem is assigned. All you can do is disconnect for a few minutes/hours/days (depends on the DHCP lease time your provider uses) and hope you get a different IP address when you reconnect.

  Batch 09:53 03 Apr 2009

The IP address in question is the one that the hub has registered with the ISP, not the one the PC has registered with the Hub.

As brundle says, that is under the control of the ISP and there is nothing that you can (reasonably) do about it. Some give dynamic IP addresses by default (and you can pay extra for a static one), whereas others give static by default.

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