Is there a way of reverting my HDD in XP?

  Bargee 13:53 30 Nov 2009


After installing the latest XP updates, my PC has slowed to a crawl & takes 15 - 30 minutes to boot as well as being very slow in operation.

I used to use Norton Go Back on a previuos PC & that could solve problems occuring after installing software, by enabling me to revert the HDD to a previous state, i.e before loading the suspect software.

Is there a facility in XP that would do a similar job? If not, how can I get around the problem without doing a clean reinstall of my system?
ANY hints or tips please!


  VoG II 14:06 30 Nov 2009

Try Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore.

  Bargee 14:58 30 Nov 2009

Thanks VoG, booting a lot quicker now, but system still seems a lot slower in operation than before the update.

Windows System Restore is, understandably, more selective when it restores previous settings, whereas Norton restores everything, which means you lose all files & altered files post the restore point selected, part of the reason I didn't install Go Back on this PC.

But there has been a little improvement.

  VoG II 15:03 30 Nov 2009

See Fruit Bat's suggestions here click here

  Bargee 15:52 30 Nov 2009

Thanks again, VoG.

I'll try them out & let you know how it goes, might take a couple of days.


  Bargee 11:37 09 Dec 2009

Its been a frustrating few days & Ive tried Fruit Bat's tips. Used C**p Cleaner & cleaned files etc. & fixed problems, Spyware scan - no threats, Malware Tool - 5 trojans - deleted.

I can't, however install any of the AV programs & I've now found I can't access the Windows Firewall either.

PC still horribly slow. The only other thing I did initially before the problem arose which might be a cause, was to scan my drives with Picasa for pictures, a process I've done before with no problems. PC worked normally afterwards & the problem only occured the next time I booted.

I'm starting to give up with this.

  GaT7 14:08 09 Dec 2009

15-30 min to boot is unacceptable by any standards! I remember a previous PC with Win98se used to take 5-6 minutes, which was like watching paint dry!

What's booting up when Windows starts up - how many items in the list? You can view this in the System Configuration Utility / msconfig click here.

One or more updates might have failed. Visit Windows Update again to check.

What is your system spec like?

How much free hard drive space do you have on the OS partition? G

  Bargee 15:30 09 Dec 2009

MB - Asus M3N78 AM2+ GeForce 8200
Processor - AMD Phenom X4
HDD - Seagate Barracuda 250Gb SATA S300 - 215Gb free

All fitted October 08

Things have now moved on so that the system is not booting. I now get an unidentifiable small window on the welcome screen with a round red X button & an OK button as well as the normal close button. Pressing any of the buttons on this window results in a log on screen appearing & the whole process seems to start over. I've never had the PC set up to display a log on screen, so now I don't know what is going on!

  GaT7 16:28 09 Dec 2009

Hmm, looks like your install is corrupted & you'll need to do a repair (click here) or fresh installation (click here). Prior to attempting either, make sure to do a thorough backup of your data, email, music, etc.

With those kind of specs it should boot in ~1min. G

  GaT7 16:31 09 Dec 2009

If it will allow you to, try a last attempt at restoring your PC further back than you have done before with this method: 'How to start the System Restore tool by using the safe mode option with the Command prompt in Windows XP' click here. G

  Bargee 17:55 09 Dec 2009

Thanks Crossbow7, I'll give it a try.

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