is there a way to make xp look like vista

  Rocker 12:42 04 Feb 2008

hello all silly thing to ask but my sons freand got a new pc with vista on it now he wont his to look like vista. he is useing xp is there any sort of software that can xp look like vista and if there is is it safe to use. meny thanks

  wolfie3000 12:47 04 Feb 2008

click here

Be very careful though as it can in rare cases screw up your pc, it should be ok if you have everything backed up so you wont lose anything.

  wolfie3000 12:50 04 Feb 2008

Another good transformation pack.

click here

  Rocker 20:03 04 Feb 2008

thankyou wolfie3000 just wondering if anyone has tried any of the two if so what one do you think is best.menythanks

  Belatucadrus 23:12 04 Feb 2008
  Stuartli 23:17 04 Feb 2008

I've long preferred XP in Classic form, never mind Vista...:-)

  anskyber 23:24 04 Feb 2008

Ignore XP and go for Vista.

Those who criticise it the most have never used it from the posts I have read on this site.

  Migwell 00:04 05 Feb 2008

Ignore Vista and keep XP it seems that unless you have a very modern computer with bags of memory and don't want to use older games then the Micro$oft bloat wear Vista may appeal to you.

After all the problems I have known friends and others have with their computers after installing Vista most of them have reverted to XP. I for one will not be giving Uncle Bill any of my hard earned cash, unless I land up buying a computer with it already installed. Even then I would still be thinking about asking about having XP on it instead of Vista. Aside from the fancy look of Vista, which I am not keen on I don't see the need to spend money on something that is not necessary.

  MCE2K5 01:07 05 Feb 2008

Vista Sidebar and skins for microsoft Windows XP, click here

  anskyber 08:34 05 Feb 2008

To think that Vista is about appearance is a complete misunderstanding of what it is about. Fine make it look like Vista if you like but it's rather akin to putting a cardboard mould around a fiesta to make it look like a Porche.

Migwell, you have demonstrated my earlier comment, I see you have not used it.

  Migwell 23:40 05 Feb 2008

have you had a look at this weeks PCA pole. Speaks volumes in it's self.

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