Is there such thing as an ADSL signal booster?

  soy 13:00 24 Apr 2003


Is there such thing as I mentioned above?

The reason i'm asking is becuase I'm using an extension of 15M for my ADSL. The avaregae speed I get is 320KB and it has never reached over 340KB. Is a direct extension in that I put an extension cable into the back of the telephone socket downstairs.

Just wondering.


John T

  DieSse 13:06 24 Apr 2003

Seeing as how you are at least hundreds of metres from the exchange - a few metres one way or another in your home should not make any difference - as long as you used decent quality wire and connector blocks.

  vaughan007 13:21 24 Apr 2003

What do you mean your average speed?...How are you measuring this?...sorry if these questions seem foolish...but I am a cable bb man so know very little about ADSL.

  soy 13:32 24 Apr 2003

My ISP has a bandwidth speed test and every time I do a test, the results always come out at around 320-340Kbps. I've tried other speed tests at other sites and the results are pretty much the same.

  -pops- 13:35 24 Apr 2003

It may make a difference how close your ADSL filters are to the modem/computer. Is there a way you could move them so there isn't this distance?


  oglemire 13:41 24 Apr 2003

standard telephone extension leads do not work well with ADSL. You may have experinced a drop out at sone stage. Try using a Belkin High Speed Internet Modem Cable.. part code f3l900-07-ice-s this should make a difference

  soy 13:51 24 Apr 2003


Even if I did move the PC closer to the filter which is in the extension socket, wouldn't it be exactly the same becuase it would still have to travel throught the filter> up the modem cable> out of the modem and into the PC.


The suggestion of a better quality cable does sound a good idea but will it make a true difference if I use a lesser known brand than a well-known brand? Isn't it just all made of copper?

Thanks again everyone.

  -pops- 14:15 24 Apr 2003

My thoughts were to move the filter to the computer not computer to filter. Keep the filter to modem distance short. It shouldn't matter prior to that, as DieSse says, a few meters in the main signal cable is not going to make much difference considering the distance from the exchange.

  soy 14:37 24 Apr 2003

Thanks -pops-, I misunderstood.

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