Is there such a thing as an accurate bb speed tester?

  Picklefactory 19:53 30 Jul 2012

Good evening folks

I checked my broadband speed today, as I'm sure Virgin told me they were upping my bb this month from my current 10Mb cable to 30Mb, but not had any written confirmation of it having happened. this is one of those 'free' upgrades that were issued....... two weeks prior to my price being hiked. 1st test I ran was thinkbroadband, that told me I was getting 9.49Mb d/load and 1.03 up, so I went and checked on the Virgin site for speed doubling, entered my postcode and was told it would take a 'little' longer for my area to be upgraded, now between Dec 2012 and May 2013. A little longer??? Anyway, I then thought I'd double check as I know there are variances in the online speed checkers, so I ran the one at, that one told me I had 31Mb d/load, 1.94 up and a ping of 16ms. Now I'm confused totally, that's a massive difference and apparently my area hasn't been upgraded, so how could have such a high d/load speed, so I went for a whole range to see if I get any sort of correlation broadbandspeedchecker gave me 10.28 down and 1.79 up bbmax gave me 21.34 down and 1.81 up with a ping of 26ms Uswitch told me 18.5 down and 1.9 up told me 25.9 down and 0.575 up and ping of 31ms All seems to be very random and little or no correlation between any of them. Does anyone know if this is caused by local issues at my end? (Contention etc) or are they all just rubbish?

  Nontek 20:05 30 Jul 2012

click here

I use this one, I think it is as accurate as most. It certainly shows my speeds pretty accurately.

Speeds will vary a lot, depending on time of Day/Night, and Contention Ratio does have some impact.

  Picklefactory 20:48 30 Jul 2012

Thanks Nontek That one was one of the ones I used, it told me 10.28 down and 1.79 up

  Nontek 21:02 30 Jul 2012

Until your broadband is upgraded, I would say that is a pretty good result.

I am with BT Infinity, I get 35Mbps and up to 73Mbps Down, 13.04Mbps Up, depending on time of day/night.

At this moment, quite busy, I am getting 50.73Mbps Down and 12.62Mbps Up.

  Picklefactory 21:29 30 Jul 2012

Not sure which result though, that's really my point, I have no idea which one, if any, to believe, as they all state something radically different. I am supposed to have 10Mb bb, but 5 out of 6 tests told me I am exceeding 10Mb.

1 from 6 less than 10Mb and 4 out of 6 have me exceeding 18Mb, 3 out of 6 exceeding 20Mb

Only 2 out of the 6 I tried came even remotely near my given speed. I'm not looking for precision accuracy, but I'm just curious as to what speed I'm achieving, but on what I found tonight, I don't have a clue.

  Nontek 21:33 30 Jul 2012

I check my speeds quite often, but only use the same speed checker each time, so my results are always consistent.

I am getting the speeds that BT told me to expect, so I am quite happy!

  woodchip 21:41 30 Jul 2012

Doing the above will not tell you nothing, as each test goes different rout from your pc To the Test, and tests are different. Just use one and stick with it

  birdface 21:43 30 Jul 2012

Using bbmax and broadbandspeedchecker I get the same results Just over 20mbps download and 1.4 mbps upload.

So getting the full 20 mb that I pay for using Virginmedia.Never varies get the same at all times of the day.

  rdave13 23:41 30 Jul 2012

This one is pretty good as you can select available servers from different parts of the globe. Have a play around and see different ping and speeds available.

  Picklefactory 21:55 31 Jul 2012

OK, in the interests of.... err... well, probably just me, to be honest, but I thought I'd run 6 of them again and 3 times each to give them all a fair chance. Please look away now to avoid induced coma ;o)

buteman For me broadbandspeedchecker was pretty erratic, as was, the other 4 I tried gave fairly consistent results over the 3 runs, but still varied between themselves.

Down = 30.8,29.3,30.3 Up = 1.94,1.94,1.94


Down = 9.97,19.08,15.06 Up = 1.79,1.85,1.79


Down = 16.6,16.3,15.2


Down = 29.5,30.8,28.8 Up = 1.96,1.95,1.95


Down = 28.6,25.4,21.5 Up = 1.94,1.95,1.94

Down = 21.6,12.4,11.6 Up = 0.56,0.6,0.6

3 of them came out reasonably similar, but are they correct? If there was a smallish difference between them, I'd happily do as woodchip advised and just pick one and stick with it, but when the results range from 10Mb/s to 30Mb/s what confidence can I have in being remotely accurate?

  Picklefactory 22:14 31 Jul 2012

Also just checked out my Virgin Media account. The area post code check says my area is not due to be upgraded until at least December, but my account profile says my bb speed has already been increased... good ole Virgin, there's nothing like a bit of clear info. I was paying for 10Mb, but now it seems the lowest speed Virgin do is 30Mb, so I assume that is what I should be hitting, which 2 of those tests do show. Shame the other 4 test are miles away.

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