Is there something like external CPU cooler ?

  Antonio Machado 23:43 07 Jan 2009

Hola experts !

I was wondering if there is such a thing just like an external CPU cooler ? I can see a lot of internal ones, I actually have an internal one installed inside my CPU, but I feel that the console still is hot, so I was wondering if they exist "external" CPU coolers ? websites and links will be highly apreciatted, thanks in advance, best, Antonio.

  Diodorus Siculus 23:59 07 Jan 2009

I think that you are looking for something to cool down the interior of the case. A cpu cooler generally refers to the fan on the processor.

If the case fans are correctly installed and the fan on the processor is working as it should, then your pc should be cool enough.

How many fans are there on the case itself? Are you sure that they are not blocked with anything. Are they blowing air into the case or out of the case?

  brundle 00:02 08 Jan 2009

Get a couple of 80mm case fans, the air should flow through the case from the bottom at the front to the top at the back. Any decent modern PC case will have screw-holes for 80mm fans in the relevant areas.

  brundle 00:04 08 Jan 2009

My thoughts too at first, but Java/Javascript seem to be the prerequisites if you visit click here

  brundle 00:06 08 Jan 2009

Sorry, wrong thread

  Antonio Machado 00:40 08 Jan 2009

Hello amigos !

Thank you very much for making time to help me.

Here the answers to all your questions: yes, indeed, I am thinking on how low the temperature of the interior of my console; although it is not terribly hot, I feel that is probably hotter than it should, so I was wondering if I could instal something like an external cooler or an external fan to help. I have installed an internal cooler (fan) which is constantly taking the hot air from the inside of the console to the outside of it, but apparently is not enough. Is there any way I could help this fan without opening the console ? I mean probably adding a second cooler/fan outside at the back of the console ?

Thanks a lot my friends, looking forward to more help from you, best, Antonio.

  brundle 00:50 08 Jan 2009

Remind us what Dell you have? Get Speedfan, find out what CPU your machine has and its temperature specs and use the aforementioned Speedfan to monitor said temperatures in real-time. click here

  Diodorus Siculus 00:52 08 Jan 2009

If you have an 80mm fan on the back of the case blowing out the air and none of the vents are blocked with dust etc, you will be fine.

More important is the temperature of your processor. If there is no problem there, you should be ok.

  Antonio Machado 01:03 08 Jan 2009

How can I find out the information you need about the CUP machine and temperature specs etc. ? thanks a lot for your kidness, best, Antonio.

  Diodorus Siculus 01:06 08 Jan 2009

Follow the link posted by brundle

  brundle 01:12 08 Jan 2009

CPUZ will tell you what processor you have, can't find out from Dell without a service tag; click here

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