Is there an MS Word Wizard in da house???

  Ben Avery 15:03 15 Apr 2003


I have a contract in MS Word 2000 format and throughout the contract, I have to insert the NAME of the worker and also the START DATE of the worker.

It is currently set up as a form with only these details changable as the rest of the contract remains the same.

Is there a way that I can fill in the details on page 1 of the contract (where they first appear) and have the other places where they occur filled in automatically?

I guess this is a macro jobby!?


  recap 15:17 15 Apr 2003

You may be able to use Mail Merge.

  Ben Avery 15:30 15 Apr 2003

For the sake of 2 lines of text an external database is a long way around it! Think about a database of 100 employees and you use the mail merge function:

When you open the document, word has to search through 100 names and start dates before it even opens, you then have to scroll through 100 names until the correct name comes up. This is a long way round what I guess is a simple macro input.

You could also use the "Find & Replace" function, but this would alter the layout of the form so is also not too practical.

Thanks for the idea though!



  Tjsuk11 15:36 15 Apr 2003

What do you mean it would alter the layout of the form? It would just replace the words that you require and as the form only allows the changing of the names it means that the form will be locked against changing the format of the form.
Or have i missed something?

  Ben Avery 15:42 15 Apr 2003

On a locked form you have no find and replace function.

Remember that this is a contract which is shared by others in the office. I cannot afford to have the rest of the text "altered" or "doctored"! so the form must remain locked (protected)

That's why the find & replace function is not viable.


  Ben Avery 15:48 15 Apr 2003

...for those who use Excel, you'll likely be aware that, using the correct formula, you can input, for exapmle, a sum into a cell and copy the result into various other cells without retyping the formula.

E.g. You could input a long sum in cell A10 involving lots of areas on the spreadsheet. If you want to copy the result into cell B12 on the next sheet you can simply type "=sum(sheet1!A10)" and the result is copied over. You could lock the document from others, leaving only small areas changable, and this function would still operate.

I want to do a similar thing in Word.


  Ben Avery 15:49 15 Apr 2003

Your knowledge is rather broad on these subjects, any ideas???

  Bacon & Eggs 15:52 15 Apr 2003

I'm certain it's possible with a very small and simple macro, as we had something very similar under Excel to produce financial project 'statements' where i used to work. However I don't know enough about them to tell you how it worked, I just pressed the button. Someone must know though... do you have a techie department?

  Ben Avery 15:56 15 Apr 2003

The nearest our company get's to a "techie" dept is me! Doesn't hold out much hope does it???



  VoG™ 16:02 15 Apr 2003

You could try recording a macro to do what you want then edit/modify accordingly.

Alternatively click here

  Ben Avery 16:37 15 Apr 2003

I have never recorded a macro!

Could you give some advice on what I'd be looking at?

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