Is there more than one type of Cable router?

  Noony 20:25 31 May 2007

I have bought a Belkin cable router but there don't seem to be enough connections in the NTL:Home modem for the router cables. There is only one ethernet port so can only plug in the green Wan modem cable or the blue network cable into the modem. If I omit the blue cable from the equation and use the USB from the modem to the PC as normal, I can connect to the internet from the PC but not wirelessly from the laptop. If I try using the blue network cable from the router directly to the PC, I lose the internet connection on the PC! The laptop can see the Belkin connection however. It just won't connect to Internet Explorer. I have tried reducing the firewall settings to medium and checked that IE is included in the exceptions list. Also powered everything down and switched on the modem, router and PC in that order, all as per advice in other threads here. Any other ideas - or have I just bought the wrong router?!
Help - I'm very confused!

  brundle 20:49 31 May 2007

What model number? Sounds as though you have a cable modem/router, the input will be an RJ45 from a cable modem. What you need, if your broadband is supplied via the phoneline is an ADSL modem/router such as this; click here

It replaces your ADSL modem and shares the connection.

  Noony 21:01 31 May 2007

The model is f5d7235, a high speed mode wireless G mode as recommended by my local dealer for a cable broadband connection. The picture is very similar to the one on your link. I thought that ASDL was the non-cable version?

  brundle 22:05 31 May 2007

The wireless aspect refers to the signal from the router to your wireless devices, the cable/adsl aspect refers to the broadband connection.

  brundle 22:11 31 May 2007

How do you actually connect to the net? If you have cable broadband, the cable that came with the router goes from your modem to your router, the cable previously plugged in between your cable modem and PC now plugs into a spare slot on the router and your PC.
Slightly confused regarding your connection method..NTL was cable or ADSL, cable modems can be connected via USB and most broadband modems are USB...please clarify...

  Strawballs 22:33 31 May 2007

click here All of these routers are suitable for cable.

  Noony 09:17 01 Jun 2007

Thanks to all for your input. Belkin support have suggested that I purchase an FD5050 Belkin USB 10/100 Ethernet adapter that converts a USB connection to an ethernet connection. I guess it is quite an old modem, maybe the current ones have more ports.

  Noony 09:18 01 Jun 2007

I will come back and resolve this if it works!

  Noony 18:12 04 Jun 2007

Turns out this wasn't a cabling problem. My brother cloned the Mac address of the router so that the NTL box recognised it - a bit beyon me I'm afraid. Good job I have a brother 'cos it was hardly plug and go - we have spent around 12 hours between us sorting this out!

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