Is there a mobile B.Band that charges per usage?

  buel 14:43 20 Nov 2010

I need to get a broadband dongle but unfortunately it seems that i am unable to find one that is literally 'pay as you go'! Every supplier seems to either be on a contract (even if it is only £5 per month)or you CAN buy 'credit' but it runs out within a month if you dont use it within that month!
Many thank in advance!

  sean-278262 16:11 20 Nov 2010

Vodafone used to do a laptop adapter that took a normal sim card and worked over their 3g network and you could use a PAYG sim but did work out more expensive than contract, not sure they still offer it but worth a look.

Also have you considered getting mobile internet and teathering your phone to the computer as I do this in a pinch.

  buel 20:53 20 Nov 2010

Hi, thanks for the help, that sounds very interesting how you tethered it to your phone, how did/do you do that please?

  sean-278262 20:59 20 Nov 2010

Depends on the phone, if it is a Nokia phone you can use Ovi suite or Nokia PC suite, android phones can be tethered but I have not yet used one in this way but I have heard it can be done, I am sure I have heard apple phones can be done but never paid attention to how but a google will surely answer that.

What type of phone do you own and on what network otherwise I would be here all day listing how to do it on all the major makes.

  buel 23:01 20 Nov 2010

Great advice+great news- i have a nokia E71 and i have a nokia PC suite....i must get Googling at once!!

  ashdav 00:25 21 Nov 2010

You can use your mobile phone in this way (as a modem) but it is very expensive and I would recommend only in emergencies and for short periods.

  Forum Editor 00:31 21 Nov 2010

Unless your phone package includes unlimited free internet access beware of using it as a modem, it will cost a small fortune over a period.

  buel 08:28 21 Nov 2010

Hi all, thanks for the advice, luckily i only plan to use the mobile broadband once a day to check emails and maybe list an item on ebay so i think this may be the way to go! Please can anyone tell me is the ip address determined my your computer or modem/router?

  buel 22:24 22 Nov 2010


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