is there a free organizer software

  Jade 14 G 23:10 23 Jan 2007

I was told that Smart or some other has a free organizer to download. I left a message on the website asking about some part of it and today got a phone call from them saying its £199 Has anyone heard of it.
Also can someone tell me how shareware works as have never got anything on shareware
Thanks in advance
Jade again

  Belatucadrus 23:54 23 Jan 2007

click here EssentialPIM
click here Easynoter Lite.
click here 2sync.
click here Kalender.
click here Exstora freeware.

Generally shareware is a time limited download that you can evaluate for a set period. It will then lock up until you pay for the release code.

£199 for an organiser ? I'd expect them to chuck a PC in with the package for that price.

  Jade 14 G 21:46 24 Jan 2007

Thanks a lot for those links, they can't beselling them as this man keeps rining me on my mobile but from now on the mobilwe will be closed, lthink its the way to lose customes hasseling them on the phone. I wor online andwill help anyone but l leave them to come to me.
A tip for you watch Tonight on friday as Martin can't remember name but when council tax was first started they drove past houses to decide what band it was so, there will be lots of people that they will have to pay out loads and my last address you could not see it from the road so will be glued to the tv so its worth watching, l get his newsletter and have just got a freeview for £21

  Stuartli 21:51 24 Jan 2007

You are thinking of Martin Lewis. This is his website's information regarding council tax:

click here,

It is, in fact, a very useful website indeed with, for instance, details of the best broadband, broadband + phone deals etc.

  Jade 14 G 22:16 24 Jan 2007

thanks for the website , thought l had it but must have lost it, l get his weekly newsletter and the other week got one of the digiboxes boxes for £21.49 with no dilivery charge, just got to catch my son to sort it for me but it will save me paying sky's charges for a lot of rubbish , have missed lot of things because l hadn't a clue what it was in four letters instead of a bit more of the title and have been told is a lot better than sky with that,
Thanks again,

  rabadubdub 22:47 24 Jan 2007

what a strange thread.. hope the organiser works for you.. lol


  Jade 14 G 23:11 24 Jan 2007

yes might be strange to some but it might help a lot of other people.
The artsorganizer on e is just right as teach art online.

  golfpro 09:11 25 Jan 2007

Wed, 24/01/[email protected]:47

"what a strange thread.. hope the organiser works for you.. lol"

It is a strange thread, reading it is a bit like listening to Vicky Pollard from Little Britain.

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