Is there an easy way to copy a hdd to another

  great1 20:24 20 Feb 2005

I am upgrading my pc, new hdd, board, and cpu,i want to use the new hdd as master with the operating system ( windows xp ) and the old one as a slave for storage, can i copy the old disk with the operating system on it to the new one after i have formatted the new one

  2neat 20:43 20 Feb 2005

I would do a fresh install on the new hard drive, & slave the old after install complete. This would be better for a major upgrade.

  great1 20:46 20 Feb 2005

Thanks 2neat

i have got a load of stuff on the old one that i want to keep and it would take to long to backup to cd's

  SEASHANTY 21:10 20 Feb 2005

Purchase a new Maxtor drive and follow the instructions on this installation guide
click here to install and format. You can download Maxblast 3 software for WINDOWS to
transfer all data from your old drive to the new one. Ensure you select the option "new boot drive" and not "install an additional drive". By selecting the former you ensure that the OPERATING SYSTEM is also copied to the new drive.
click here

  great1 21:39 20 Feb 2005


thanks for the info will have to read and digest it, new hdd is a maxtor sata

  cyberphobic 23:39 20 Feb 2005
  Strawballs 00:08 21 Feb 2005

You can install the old drive as slave and transfer all the "stuff" from 1 to the other except the OS as 2neat says it would be better doing a clean install first on the new HDD then transfer everything that you want to keep to the new drive then formatt the old drive through right clicking it in my computer and formatting it.

  temp003 07:19 21 Feb 2005

Since you're having a new motherboard as well, I think it's a better idea to have a fresh installation of XP on the new hdd. The old drivers for the various motherboard componetns may not work with the new motherboard.

Remove the old hdd, change the board, add new hdd, install XP. Then add back old hdd.

  Wak 09:39 21 Feb 2005

If you wish to copy (CLONE) the old H/D on to the new H/D then have a look at the FREE program for Win XP called XXCLONE at click here.
I have used XXCOPY (for Windows 98SE) for about three years now and regularly backup the master drive to the slave drive with no problems.
If you have any problems with the Master drive, simply clone the Slave back on to the Master and you are back to square one as they say.

  SEASHANTY 10:46 21 Feb 2005

.....and of course, as you did not state SATA I presumed you were using ATA. The Install guide for sata will be different and it will not be as convenient.

  great1 18:34 21 Feb 2005

thanks to all who responded will tick the resolved box but will keep you posted
thanks again

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