Is there a Difrence btw the 2 Wireless N routers?

  julius44 19:32 08 Nov 2009

Hello all, I have a quick question and i need a good and informative answer pls??? Okay i'm with virgin media, and I have a 10mb broadband connection. I have a WIRED desktop( windows XP SP3), and A PS3 connected wirelessly. And i currently have a BElkin wireless N router model no: F58233-4V3 This is it here

I've had this router for a while with no probs, and i got it for £30 about 5 months back, But ive had problems playing the new pro evo soccer 2010, as i have to do port forwarding to port 3658, and then I have other problems as well.

Just looking on line today, argos are doing another offer here
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So my question IS......that is there a big diffrence btw the router i currently have and the argos one, as they both seem to be wireless N cable routers?? and if there is what difrrences do they have pls??? many thanks

  BRYNIT 19:46 08 Nov 2009

You will find very little difference between the two routers both run at upto 300mbs. Have you checked for a firmware update and checked the FAQs for a possible solution click here

  User-1229748 19:51 08 Nov 2009

i think brynit is right it has as much chance of being slightly slower as it has of being slightly faster.

  julius44 20:11 08 Nov 2009

Thanks brynit, ive tried to do a firmware update,

click here

My model is F58233-4v3, and when i tried to download the firmare, it seems to be downloading the firmware as a .bit file, and i'm unable to open a .bit file on my pc!!!

  BRYNIT 20:24 08 Nov 2009

I assume you mean a .bin file.

Instructions from the Belkin website on haw to use the file. click here

  gazzaho 20:36 08 Nov 2009

The Wireless N router isn't the problem speed wise, you would get the same speed using a non Wireless N router. The PS3's wireless connection is, as far as I'm aware IEEE 802.11g which will connect at 54 Mbps at best, roughly half the speed of a wired connection, this speed is the theoretical top speed, it can drop below this depending on walls and such blocking the wireless signal.

Unless you have a Wireless N network card card in your desktop/laptop you won't see any speed increase in your connection and as I said the PS3 only has 802.11g connectivity.

  gazzaho 20:40 08 Nov 2009

I should have mentioned if you're looking for a connection speed increase your only real option may be to connect by wire, although if I'm wrong then someone will surely correct me.

  julius44 08:36 09 Nov 2009

Hello ive done a firmware update, and reset my N router, the problem seems to have been sorted now, with the game in question. Ive had to disable the belkin firewall, but ive got kaspersky 2010 internet security on my desktop pc. Thnaks for all the help!!

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