Is there a Connection Speed monitor for Vista

  AngeTheHippy 10:33 10 Mar 2009

please? That's it really... I've looked but can't fine one. There is a 'Gadget' which monitors ram, cpu but not connection speed. Nowhere on the Netgear icon in sys tray does it tell me either - only 'signal strength excellent' which doesn't tell me anything - apart from how excellent the signal strength is .....

Today is my switchover day from BT (bye bye!!) to another provider and I'd like a monitor to keep an eye on that.



  Border View 10:38 10 Mar 2009

Good Morning

You could always try a speed test here click here

Good luck

  brundle 10:40 10 Mar 2009

Top two here; click here

  ambra4 10:45 10 Mar 2009

Try “NetMeter”

click here

  AngeTheHippy 11:04 10 Mar 2009

Barmoor, I wanted something though that sat on the desktop rather than go to a website = although this website link is a good loace to use, thanks.

brundle - Mmm. Just d/loaded yr suggestion, but it only gives figures when I hover the cursor over **Refresh Ext.IP** Is it meant to do you know? Thank you,

ambra4 - thanks for link. I'm giving brundles link a try and see how it goes.

It's ccurrently telling me d/l speed of a BLISTERING.... 487bit/s - more or less the max I can expect here in the wilds of Lincolnshire



  woodchip 11:27 10 Mar 2009

I think you mean a Download speed not connection. I use here
I am getting
Ping 101

Download 5712kbps Wireless Laptop 8Meg TalkTalk Connection 1.8 miles from Exchange

Upload 639kbps

  AngeTheHippy 11:33 10 Mar 2009

Ping: 74
U/L: 507kbps
D/L: 244

5.3 miles from exchange
BT - NOT for long though...

Wish I hadn't started this - just pushed the ol' Blood Pressure up and up...



Yeah - this is the monitoring I was on about...

  brundle 12:27 10 Mar 2009

Surely that's like picking the phone up to check it's working when you're expecting a phone call. You can't monitor download speed without downloading something....

Refresh External IP - that's your IP address as given by the ISP. Can sometimes be useful to drop the connection and re-establish it if you have connection problems.

  AngeTheHippy 12:46 10 Mar 2009

I want it to monitor my day-to-day connection speed. I'm leaving BT/my ISP as I'm only getting 512 connection speed. I can go to ANY ISP and enter my phone number and it will come back that I could avail of up to 1mb connection speed.

I **could** have changed tariff with my ISP and get the extra 1/2 meg, but they wld have charged me for doing it.

I'm fed up with BT being paid for sub-standard service - my phone line was fine, BUT until they upgrade the exchange and allow us village people (!!!!!!!)a decent speed, then I won't pay them for an inferior service.

Rant over... for now, 8-D


  brundle 13:14 10 Mar 2009

Oh I see. That is rather slow - how far are you from the exchange? 5-6km for speeds that low I would imagine. Any speed change or migration to another ISP will cause fluctuations in your average for a week or two while the ISP adjusts your signal strength. The words "up to" are significant when any supplier is talking about ADSL broadband, they can always say it doesn't constitute a guarantee, just a theoretical maximum. Oddly they seem able to get away with not guaranteeing a minimum speed too.

You're better off looking at actual line-stats rather than relying on the resultant download speed.
click here

If your line stats show your equipment ought to be able to support a faster connection, then you have some ammunition.

  AngeTheHippy 13:32 10 Mar 2009

brundle, it's showing:

ADSL Connection Speed: 1632kbps

Oh yeah, fully aware of advertised **speed up to** controversy - I also think us poor b*****s shouldn't have to pay the same as a user receiving 8Mb connection! But that's another arguement isn't it.

Back to the router stats - so - is this saying I should **in theory** be able to connect at 1632kbps on this line - or am I reading this wrongly altogether??

Just had a glass-or-2 - might not be making sense, haha

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