Is there anything wrong with OEM versions of XP HE

  Sisha 12:42 22 Apr 2003

With the exception of the fact that you usualy dont get a manual, is there any reason for me not to buy a copy of XP Home Edition as an OEM version for my home built PC?

  Big Elf 12:45 22 Apr 2003

Microsoft refuse to support it and direct you to the supplier for any help. The exception to this is problems with critical updates as they will, if pressed, provide an answer.

  Sisha 12:56 22 Apr 2003

So long as you can update etc from their web site there should not be any other problems though should there. I just want a cheap copy of xp as I am sick to death of windows 98 and dont want to pay £140 for a copy of it. OEM versions are going for about £70. Or am I opening a can of techie worms?

  Big Elf 13:00 22 Apr 2003

Apart from that I haven't come across any other problems. Also the problem I had was resolved by this Forum.

I must admit that I thought OEM CDs could only be supplied with a new PC or the purchase of another bit of kit like a Hard Drive.

  barrie_g 13:01 22 Apr 2003

apart from not being able to phone microsoft for support there is no difference, I have both OEM and retail and apart from this there is no difference both get all updates etc.

If you get any other problems you can always come here and will probably get as much help as microsoft would provide without the cost of the phone call.

  Djohn 13:06 22 Apr 2003

There will be no problems with OEM that would effect you in any direct way. If you were to purchase a ready built PC, then this would be the type of O/S pre-installed on your system.

If you are lucky you will also get a CD as well, but most of the time, just a copy placed on your hard drive.

I have recently bought the retail version of XP Pro. and apart from a large box, and a small manual of very little use, (All help etc. is on the CD). There is no difference at all. J.

  Sisha 13:18 22 Apr 2003

I think I am off to get a copy

Hear hear Djohn.

To reiterate - There is NO DIFFERENCE at all in an OEM XP CD and a Retail version. No, Microsoft do not offer telephone supprot but that is it!!

  -pops- 14:50 22 Apr 2003

I use OEM XP in all the machines I build.

You may find it doesn't like you trying to install it on a disk which already has an operating system loaded on it - after all it is intended for a new machine. Apart from that, go for it. As has been said, there are plenty of real experts on here who can give very speedy advice, for free at any time should anything go wrong (which is not likely).


  ardvarc 17:01 22 Apr 2003

Sisha, If it is not too late try this. I have had two copies for several months and they work a treat. Also, contrary to what you might hear you DON'T need a Windows 98 or ME disk to install it and if you fdisk, reformat your existing drive you can do a clean installation.

click here

  Sisha 11:05 23 Apr 2003

Very reasonable price I thought. pops, you mentioned about on new machines. Does it matter if I keep my windows 98 on a sep partition? Should still install ok shouldnt it?

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