Is there any way to speed up braodband.

  GuZ><0r 18:47 08 Nov 2005

I have tiscali 1mb and I was just wondering if there were any ways to make my connection quicker. I do virus, spywarew scans all the time but I would really like it faster without having to pay more.

  ACOLYTE 19:01 08 Nov 2005

Not that i know of,there are many apps that are said to make the connection better but i think they are all cosmetic and dont really do anything
i think if you want a faster conn you will need to upgrade and pay the money.

  octal 19:03 08 Nov 2005

You can't get something for nothing, if you want more speed you've got to pay.

Anyway, what is your speed, test it here and tell us click here

It will tell what you speed is, mine is showing 988.4 Kbps on a 1MB connection.

  TomG 19:11 08 Nov 2005

I agree with the others - you may be able to tweak the speed a bit but for much faster you will need to upgrade (don't forget the constraints of the phone system that may also slow things down).

  GuZ><0r 19:12 08 Nov 2005

At the moment my speed is 212.3 Kbps. This stupidly low. I think though it is because it is Tiscali and when it isn't peak time it is faster. But we have the broadband/phone package and my parents don't want to pay more than £20 so I suppose this will have to do.

  GuZ><0r 19:12 08 Nov 2005

Also forgot to say that my line will only support 1mb.

  ACOLYTE 19:49 08 Nov 2005

That speed is more like 512 than 1Mb,are you sure its 1 meg?.

  Chegs ® 20:45 08 Nov 2005

Tiscali have been proffering a crap speed lately,so bad that I'm departing their 2Mb service soon as my 28 days notice arrives,as I'm frequently surfing at slower speeds than my old ISDN setup.

  GuZ><0r 21:22 08 Nov 2005

The package we brought was up 1mb, unlimited and the phone. So I am guessing that it can be any speed. Previous speed checks have been 800+ so it must be 1mb. But just now it was not working, until I re-connected. This is more likely to be ISP instead of the modem, although the modem has gone off about 3 times. Any ideas.

  €dstowe 22:19 08 Nov 2005

Don't complain too much, my first Internet connection speed was 14Kbps.

  woodchip 22:27 08 Nov 2005

Just Tested My 1Mb BT line NTL Freedom. Download speed 956 kb/s

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