Is there any way DVD/R/RW - or +

  User-402BA281-1CFE-4FE3-9D45502C58B38958 00:52 12 Jan 2004

will play on any dvd player i.e. if i used a dvd - r to save my games replays to, could i then wacth it on dvd that did not support dvd-r with the aid of software or would my dvd player need to be chipped if possible

  hugh-265156 01:25 12 Jan 2004

games replays im not sure if or how you can do this at all but if you can,the footage will need to be converted to mpeg2 format if your are saving to a blank dvd and mpg format if saved to a cdr as a vcd.

find your dvd player click here to see which type of discs it can play.

i want to find a way so that the dvd player is tricked into thinking is a normal dvd

  hugh-265156 00:21 13 Jan 2004

the only way i can even think of saving a game replay to a dvd or vcd is to output the footage to a tv,record on a vcr and then using a video capture card save it back to the computer and convert and burn to a dvd or vcd.

no idea sorry.

ok how do i copy movie clips from my hard drive to a dvd that will play on any dvd player or region

  Jester2K 19:28 14 Jan 2004

The DVD Player is the limiting factor here. If the DVD PLAYER doesn't support a disk then you can't get it to play that type of Disc. Even with clever software it still couldn't be done as its the physical properties of the Disc that matter and not the data on it....

You can't even "chip" the player either as its the laser reading the Disc that determines what it can and can't read.

As for region encoding i don't think DVD software applies any DVD Region Encoding so your OK there.

  hugh-265156 22:27 14 Jan 2004

as Jester2K says above your dvd player will have to support vcd svcd or one of the recordable dvd formats.the link i posted above will tell you what your model of home player will it is again click here

what i am not exactly sure of is how you could actually convert the game replay to mpeg or mpeg2 format before you burn it because even if your game directory has a folder where it saves the replays that you can get at easily,most games that i know of store their sound and movie data in strange formats like "replay.mad" for example(ea games movie file)that basic conversion tools wont work with.

you will find lots of useful info on the above link on how to burn and convert divx xvid avi etc to a dvd or vcd using various tools like tmpgenc but i dont think these tools will support game file extensions.thats why i suggested output to telly,record on video and then import back to pc again and convert it(quality may be rubbish though)

have a rummage around click here also.

  tafoody 22:39 14 Jan 2004

what about the FRAPS thing mentioned earlier today, records games to .AVI, which you could then convert to MPEG-2 (DVD) as already mentioned.

click here there is a demo version (15 second recordings) and video clips.

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