is there any way....

  professor 15:06 02 Apr 2003

aight ppl

nice one this is ive got a spare 56k and if i remember correctly from long ago you could connect 2 56k modems together to get a faster download rate so i was just wondering how i could do this as i cant remember


  Megatyte 15:27 02 Apr 2003

Don't you need 2 lines (or home highway) for this?


  €dstow 15:35 02 Apr 2003

Are you thinking of ISDN? If so, there is a little more to it than two ordinary 56K modems.


  Megatyte 15:44 02 Apr 2003

set up a network connection using multiple modems

Set up a Dial-Up Networking connection using one modem.
In the Dial-Up Networking folder, right-click the connection icon and click Properties.
On the Multilink tab, click Use additional devices, and then click Add.
In Edit Extra Device, select the device you want to add to the connection, and then click OK.
Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until you have added all the modems you want.


To set up a multilink connection, you must have two or more modems installed on your computer, one phone line for each modem, and an isp that supports ppp and multilink connections.
If the first modem connects successfully but the second modem fails to connect, multilink is probably not supported by the ISP.
Multilink is part of Dial-Up Networking. It is not available when using other communications programs.
Although Multilink is designed for ISDN modems, it can be used by two or more analog modems of the same or different speeds. However, using analog modems can cause serial overrun errors that impair the performance of the multilink connection.
For more details about multilink connections, see the Windows 98 Resource Kit.

  professor 16:55 02 Apr 2003

all works good but i dont suppose any1 has the drvers for a Pace 56k voice internal PCI modem? oh i need to find the enumerator to go with it too


  Madpad_001 17:40 02 Apr 2003

Ref your driver problem try look at driver guide click here you have to log on as member but it is all free.

  professor 19:17 02 Apr 2003

is it possible to use my LAN connection for the net by adding it as sort of an additional modem in the way megatyte describes i know some LAN connections can be used likew that but im not sure about mine

mine is a RealTek RTL8100BL i dont think mine can be like some others but does anyone know for sure??


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