Is there any truth in this?

  Revi 12:22 10 Dec 2004

I just contacted a Company who design websites and hire out webspace. I wanted to get a small space in their web server for my site and they told me that if my site was made in Frontpage 2003 then they would not let out any space to me. They said that lots of hackers and junk come in due to sites made in FP 2003; they advised me to remake the site in pure HTML & Java etc. CAN THIS BE TRUE? I just spent a lot of money & time buying and learning FP 2003 program and purcasing books for learning etc. 12:38 10 Dec 2004

another web host. That one doesn't sound too good!

  Revi 14:06 10 Dec 2004

Thanks, but I would still like to know if it is true that websites built in FP 2003 make room for easy entry for hackers and other junk?

  Taran 17:15 10 Dec 2004

No it's not true at all or, at least, not in the way you describe your hosts response.

I suspect that your prospective host simply does not want to install the FrontPage Server Extensions for you. I don't know why since they are free, an absolute breeze to install and they represent no security threat that any good web host would be concerned about.

If a host knows how to lock their servers down properly then there isn't very much that should be an issue to them and I can think of far more dangerous beasties than anything FrontPage may require via the Server Extensions.'s advice to find another host is very good indeed.

For the record, I design a lot of sites with FrontPage and rank it as the single best overall web authoring program currently available. I often use features that call the FrontPage Server Extensions and, having a background as a systems administrator, I have also installed them once or thrice...

If using FrontPage was any real security threat, I certainly wouldn't be using it on a commercial level. I'm sure our own Forum Editor wouldn't mind me mentioning that he is also a great fan of FrontPage and uses it extensively.

If you don't mind I would like to know a bit more about exactly what these dire security threats were.

In the meantime, find a web host that will support your chosen design tool. The reason FrontPage Server Extensions are so widely supported is because FrontPage has such a vast userbase and because the extensions work so well for their intended purpose.

As far as I'm concerned, your potential host was talking complete hogwash (and that's the polite version).

Having said that, it is fair to say that in the past security risks for some of the extensions have been found. The ways to counteract them have been so widely circulated though, meaning that any problems have been easily ironed out.

I still say your prospective host was talking hogwash though.


  Revi 19:13 10 Dec 2004

Thanks for your reassuarance! I live in Sweden, the name of the Company who decried FP is called Birdnet KB in Dalby. If you are interested I can give you their site address (or you may yourself find them through Google) so that you may see what they offer to their customers.

  jazzman747 19:23 10 Dec 2004

I use frontpage and agree with Taran completely,try another host but not the cheapest as I believe you get what you pay for.

  Forum Editor 19:50 10 Dec 2004

this company is talking nonsense. Almost all web hosts will happily offer you Windows hosting with FrontPage extensions installed, and I suggest that you look elsewhere.

  Taran 20:01 10 Dec 2004

Well, for a start the host in question appears to be running older versions of their web server software and that could account for a lot.

Their suggestion to recode your work in pure HTML and Java is so off the rails it is just plain silly.

The point to taking out web hosting is to have an account where you can, should you want to, design and upload your pages from any mainstream web authoring program OR use hand coded pages. Why would most good web hosts offer FrontPage support if there were any real risks involved ?

Obviously if you want to do ASP or PHP then you need to get a web hosting account that can cope with that, but at the least you should opt for something with a your own CGI bin, FrontPage Server Extension support and, if you want to dabble with dynamic pages at some point, you could do worse than opt for ASP support with Access or MS SQL for your database. This allows you to create data-driven sites using FrontPage, which is another area in which it excels.

I've no idea about hosts in Sweden so I am unable to suggest any for you over there. A brief look at what some of the less expensive hosts in the UK offer should give you an idea of what to look out for though:

Web Mania click here charge about £20 per year for a quite well specified account.

Web Attention click here also have some very inexpensive accounts.
SOme of there accounts allow you to activate FrontPage Extensions yourself.

Neither of the above would suggest you recode your site in raw HTML and Java...


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