is there any good slashing pc games out there?

  cyberpharmacist 11:49 16 Apr 2003

Hi All,

I hope you can find me something that is a bit like Jedi Outcast, which you slash instead of shoot.

Many thanks. (yes, work pressure is getting to me BIG TIME.)

  MartinT-B 11:55 16 Apr 2003


I like Diablo II still and also Slash, but primarily RPG is Morrowind. MW is the usual 3 (Mage, Fighter, Thief) but is mixable. IE a Mage with good sneak and backstab (thief) and marksman or Longsword (fighter) abilities, or a fighter with Restoration and Destruction magic skills.

  cyberpharmacist 20:13 16 Apr 2003


Thanks for your response, I am thinking more on the line of soul reaver, etc.

do you know of any?

  hansol 21:50 16 Apr 2003

As a newbie to games,I have only played PRINCE OF PERSIA 3D. I enjoyed it.
There's plenty of sword hacking,once you find one. By "saving" before each fight,you can repeat each one to perfect it - or until your frenzy subsides!
You can pick it up for £5 at PCWorld,or at computer fairs.
Here is an excellent "walkthrough"(only for when you get completely stuck,of course!):-
click here

  PSF 00:40 17 Apr 2003

click here How about this one?

  hugh-265156 01:23 17 Apr 2003

if you can still find in the shops id recomend severance click here

  hugh-265156 01:26 17 Apr 2003

sorry not a good link try click here for a review.

  froggg 17:45 17 Apr 2003

try alice-quirky,but messy!-cheap too.

  hansol 18:38 17 Apr 2003

I've just come across these user reviews of SEVERANCE,BLADE OF DARKNESS - which seem to indicate it is just your cup of tea. Seen it for £5 at computer fairs:-

click here

  Andsome 19:18 17 Apr 2003

How about this one for a laugh

click here

  hugh-265156 01:02 18 Apr 2003


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