Is there an alternative to hot soldering

  bumpkin 14:51 14 Apr 2015

May seen an odd question but one never knows what is becoming available these days. I was thinking of something like a conductive super glue.

  hastelloy 15:24 14 Apr 2015

I don't really think this is what you're looking for bit it's interesting. Cold soldering

  hastelloy 15:25 14 Apr 2015

This might be more relevent. Conductive wire glue.

  bumpkin 15:33 14 Apr 2015

Thanks hastelloy, both links interesting.

  robin_x 18:15 14 Apr 2015

Conductive ink too

What are you trying to do?

  bumpkin 19:14 14 Apr 2015

robin_x, I find it difficult to solder small components as my eyesight is not as good as it was and I don't have very good equipment. The 2nd link from hastelloy says "use like any other glue" there are hundreds of types of glue all with different properties and requirements. I want to solder (or glue) some output connectors onto something I am making but do not want to damage the components in the process.

  robin_x 19:56 14 Apr 2015

Still a bit vague and it's tricky to advise without knowing or seeing the bits in question or what you can attempt

If there are Surface Mount devices involved or nearby, there are youtube vids showing what you can do and how much heat others are allowing to components etc

Tacking, dragging, wicking etc on fine pitch components.

click here

Maybe you could beg, borrow or buy a magnifying lamp

I'm 52 and my eyesight is not brilliant now. I tried some of these techniques recently when repairing a motherboard

  wee eddie 20:14 14 Apr 2015

Fishermans' Fly Tying kit has a lot to offer

  bumpkin 20:46 14 Apr 2015

Thanks for the link to the video which is interesting. I have a magnifying lamp and even a microscope. I have repaired a monitor by replacing capacitors and resoldered an input power jack on a tablet sucessfully but is a bodge job in my opinion, a pro would laugh at it but it worked.

I don't have the bits I need yet so dont know how difficult to do, my main concern is that some components have internal plastics which can be destroyed by too much heat.

My original question was seeking an easy alternative to soldering, if not then I will have to solder them.

  robin_x 21:07 14 Apr 2015

Need to know which bits they are and what you want to connect to. Wires/cables/PCB whatever.

An output connector can have many different connection methods for the same connector.

Legs/bucket solder/Insulation Displacement/Surface mount/crimp

Some plastics are heat tolerant and some not.

  robin_x 21:11 14 Apr 2015

A few links to the parts would help.

Unless you are repairing your Sexy Suzie with moving parts, I don't see the need for secrecy :-)

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