Theoretically possible?Multple isp's Multiple.....

  toni b 15:43 03 Mar 2005

Is it possible to have multiple wireless adapters on one computer connecting to multiple networks?, has it ever been tested ? And if so what results would you get ,would there be any performance boost. For example if you had four separate wireless networks from four separate isp’s with a wireless adapter to access each isp would there ever be a performance increase assuming there was no conflict with each wireless adapter. Could windows xp handle such an operation?

  Charence 18:24 03 Mar 2005

I'm assuming this: "4 wireless networks, 4 internet connection, 1 computer with wireless capability."

You won't need 4 network cards in this situation, just the one! You will have to of course choose just one, not all, as long as you have permissions to use the networks.


  Forum Editor 19:06 03 Mar 2005

as Charence says.

It will detect any wireless network within range, and offer them to you. All you have to do is select the one you want to use.

What I can't understand is why you would want to do this in the first place?

  toni b 19:25 03 Mar 2005

I Have wireless laptop 54g and 54g access point I bought a usb 54g stick for my other laptop and was just interested in what would happen if I connected usb stick to my alreday connected laptop and I was amazed that I can get 2 connections at one time using wireless on one machine.This got me wondering what are the possibilities of wireless hence the original question.I assume I will get no benefit out of using 2 connections at once as I think only one we communicate at a time is this correct?

  Forum Editor 19:58 03 Mar 2005

it is correct. As I said, your wireless adapter will detect any network within range - it's just a radio device. The wireless access point will distribute the connection to any computer within range that has a wireless adapter, and unless the network is secure any computer can use the bandwidth.

  toni b 20:08 03 Mar 2005

I dont use wep at the moment but have mac filtering on i know this is not secure but it is a least it limits the casually user.I will get round to activating wep one I can work out config I tried before but other laptop could not access but that another issue I was will post later

  TomJerry 00:26 10 Mar 2005

for example, one ADSL, one cable, one dial up all work togther

But you need a load balance router to achive this. click here, click here

  Forum Editor 00:38 10 Mar 2005

is going to be of much interest to you toni b. The last time I set one of these up it was for a company with 120 desktop users, and it's fair to say that these devices are designed for (and used in) the corporate world for balancing loads on multiple broadband connections.

In your context the advice already given is valid.

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