Themal Event (Overheating) on a Dell PC

  VOT Productions 20:09 08 Aug 2010


Today I got this message from BIOS:

"The last shutdown was caused by a Themal Event."

As far I can remember, last shutdown was a... BSOD. Well seperate topic for the BSOD.

A one-fan configation.
Going to dust the fans.

  birdface 20:39 08 Aug 2010

Looks like your CPU needs clearing of any dust or fluff.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:39 08 Aug 2010

Give the whole thing a clean and check fans are running.

  VOT Productions 20:41 08 Aug 2010

More info: System heats now a lot with 70 C temps.

  VOT Productions 20:44 08 Aug 2010

click here


  robin_x 20:48 08 Aug 2010

Try speedfan.exe from

My Laptop runs at about 56 deg C idle and 66 deg C under load

Compaq CQ61 1 yr old.

  VOT Productions 20:53 08 Aug 2010

Speedfan has problems with getting CPU temp.

Shows only one core...

I use click here Core Temp

  birdface 20:54 08 Aug 2010

Not got a clue what yours looks like inside.
But with the dell optiplex 320 if you opened the cover on the CPU you had to clean the old thermal paste off and add new paste before closing it again.
Have you opened it at any time recently.
I would do what Fruit Bat suggests.
How old is the computer.

And just want to know do you stand it up or lay it flat.Not that it makes any difference just curious.

  VOT Productions 11:46 09 Aug 2010

1. Not opened the cover on the CPU.
2. Between 2006-2007
3: PC stands, of course!

click here

  VOT Productions 11:49 09 Aug 2010

That link is for the inside, back and front of my PC.

Well, three factory made adjustments:

1: Faster CPU (Alton Processor 5000+ 2.67 GHZ) NOT OCed!!

2: Better GPU (ATI Radeon X1300) NOT OCed!!!

3: No floppy drive

  VOT Productions 12:40 09 Aug 2010

Anyone help?

PS. PC worked fine last 2 years or 3.

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