Theft of i.p. address identity

  ex-wirecutter 13:44 10 Dec 2008

I was surprised to learn that it is possible to have your i.p. address stolen and then used to download illicit material and worse , you get prosecuted ! Is there any way you can prevent this ?

  sunshine65 13:48 10 Dec 2008

Hope you get some replies.

  cream. 15:30 10 Dec 2008

This can only be done from an unsecured wifi router. If enough encryption is enabled, you should be safe.

  DieSse 17:39 10 Dec 2008

" is possible to have your i.p. address stolen"

Not exactly.

Your IP address is what identifies your computer - or your router, if you have one, to the Internet.

These days IP addresses are more commonly allocated to you from a pool which your ISP has, so it can actually change from time to time (even every time) when you log on to the internet.

As said above, if you have a wireless router which is unsecured, someone else can readily log-on and use the IP address allocated to your router at that particular time.

If you secure you wireless connection, then it's much harder for such illegal usage to occur. If you have a wired connection, it's very difficult indeed to illegally tap into your IP address.

YOU can only be sued or prosecuted for downloading anything illegal if it can be proven beyond reasonable doubt that YOUR computer (rather than some other illegally tapping into your IP) was used, and that YOU were using it at the time.

The usual copyright claim (as opposed to downloading of illegal (eg child pornograhy) material), is not for the downloading per se, but for "making available to others" - in other words, distributing.

Do not confuse this with the letters sent out by some copyright monitoring organisations CLAIMING that you have done something wrong based only on your IP address. Such letters have no force in law - a case must be brought about before you can actually be found guilty or not.

  lofty29 17:45 10 Dec 2008

I suspect this has been brough up because of the watchdog programme on monday night, whereby a firm of lawyers have been sending out threats of prosecution based on ip addresses downloading and uploading copyright material. At least one of these in receipt of such a letter did not have any wifi security, I find it staggering that there are still so many people out there who do not have basic security on their pc's.

  sinbads 18:30 10 Dec 2008

Most people are OTT with wireless security even wep will deter 99% wanting to freeload, if someone realy wants to gain access to your network beit wep or psk there are cracks out there to enable this;however, most just want a free ride.

Many years ago i had a small program that gave an audible alert of an intruder and a message to the intruder xxxxxxxxxx had it seveal years and not one attempt was made (except when tested)

If your worried try click here will actually give you your ip addy

  ex-wirecutter 12:09 11 Dec 2008

Thanks to all who responded to this post .

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