thanks and sorry

  SDJ 09:04 28 Mar 2003

following my recent two posts click here and the second which followed on but was removed, I would like to say thanks to all who helped and sorry for how it ended.

Installer and Woodchip... I didnt read your posts on the second but can assure you I was genuine but apologise for any offence.

I hope I can be forgiven in time :-(

  britianicus 09:31 28 Mar 2003

Why wot did you do? Apart from asking for help about, well you know the 'K' word. Spill the dirt man I want to know.

  SDJ 09:39 28 Mar 2003

I was upset that my thread was stopped so I couldnt say thanks and when I posted another thread which I was stupid enough to leave the caps lock on and it was misinterpreted as shouting. It was an honest mistake but I didnt have the chance to say sorry..... which I am truely.

I have the day off work as its been a tuff week but be assured I will spend it beating myself up about what happened yesterday.

  Ellie3009 12:02 28 Mar 2003

Did you manage to sort out your friends computer in the end?
Or did you resort to a full reformat and clean install?

  SDJ 12:07 28 Mar 2003

Im going to sort it out tomorrow.
Probably will do full reformat and install though.
I might try the repair of OE and IE first just to see if it makes any difference.
I also might have a clearout of the sys tray, any progs that are running in the background for no reason.
Would rather not have to spend hours on it, to be honest I wish I could just walk away from it or at least turn back the clock and say I couldnt help as I dont want anything to do with the K word.

  Ben Avery (Work) 12:14 28 Mar 2003

...they should rename it "Kazaaaaahhhhh!!!"

Just a thort.


  Ellie3009 12:25 28 Mar 2003

We could do a poll...

Which takes over your system more...
a) Kazaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!
b) AOL
c) Other

  Phased 12:53 28 Mar 2003

My vote would be for Real One :-)

  Ben Avery (Work) 13:30 28 Mar 2003

Tough choice between 1 & 2 there!

That really COULD be a good poll.

What say you FE?? Maybe have that as the next "Vote now"?


  Ellie3009 13:34 28 Mar 2003

I have a feeling the FE won't like my suggestion much.
Discussions concerning the evil K**** don't seem to go down too well as a rule.

  Ben Avery (Work) 13:38 28 Mar 2003

So he shouldn't, Kazaa causes more problems than most other things (maybe not AOL!) and sometimes a Poll gets people thinking. If you had a poll on "What Causes The Most Damage", people would likely not trust any of the nominees (they must be there for a reason).


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