Thanks for the memory.....

  jaybee67 21:32 07 Feb 2003


My last post, I was enquiring bout memory upgrades. In the end I bought 2 128MB 144 pin SDRAM sticks, and installed them in my pc.

I have noticed a significant improvement, however, upon bootup, NVRAM says I have 512MB installed, Device Manager and DXDiag both report 512MB too. My graphics card setup prog also reports 512MB.

My math aint great, but the two 128MB sticks, should add upp to 256MB shouldnt they? I bought the memory from PCWorld, and the geezer on the till said "hang on, that price cant be right", but ended up charging me around £39, which was what 2 128MB's would have cost.

Have I ended up with a great deal here?

Suggestions welcome.

(If it is a great deal and mistake by PCWorld, I bought the sticks from the Boston, Lincs store lol go get some!!!)

  Lú-tzé 22:00 07 Feb 2003

What is in the bios / displayed at startup? If that says 512mb then you have 512.

Whether you go back to PCW and explain the situation is up to you...

  Pumas 22:11 07 Feb 2003

Were there - by any chance - already 256MB on your PC.

256 + 256 = 512


  jaybee67 22:22 07 Feb 2003

No, before I bought the new memory, I had two sticks of 32MB, giving grand total of 64MB's.

The boxes I brought home from shopping both stated 128MB on the lid.

I would love to take back the memory sticks to PCW. However, after having purchased a soundcard and graphics card from them, and when buying the memory, I was told that they were very sorry, but once these products were installed I couldnt take them back and exchange/swap/refund money on them. I had asked if I could, in anticipation of having bought something/s that may have been incompatible.

Looks like this should work both ways I feel lol.

  Pumas 15:42 08 Feb 2003

Well Well!

  Gemma 17:10 08 Feb 2003

Give us a clue. Were there chips on both sides of the sticks or only on one?

  Wak 21:01 08 Feb 2003

Your computer is probably suffering from some form of numeric dyslexia and feels so good with 128MB after struggling with only 64MB that it incorrectly assumes that it must now have 512MB.
For God's sake, don't tell it the truth!

  Stuartli 22:48 08 Feb 2003

Run System Information and do another check.

It sounds very likely that either the manufacturer's production line or a PC World staff member has put the wrong memory in the wrong box, perhaps when someone has returned it.

The fact that the retail price was queried gives some sort of a clue.

  jediknight007 22:55 08 Feb 2003

Don't get too happy yet, 512MB PC133 SDRAM for £36.97 including Insuranced Free Delivery from click here

  jaybee67 08:12 09 Feb 2003

thanks for that link jedi, there are some real bargains at eclipse arn't there?

My next purchase will be either a new hard drive, or a new CD Drive - looking at those prices though, I'll probably buy both at the same time.

Gemma - 8 chips on both sides.

Stuartli - System Info is still insisting I have 512MB.

Oh well, as long as its running and seems happy enough, I'll not tell it I only bought it 256MB. It still believes in Santa and the Tooth Fairy so ignorance can be bliss.

Thanks for all contributions.....

  jediknight007 00:14 10 Feb 2003

If you are considering buying a new hard drive or CD drive, have a look at click here I got my Maxtor 60GB ATA133 7200rpm hard drive for about £65 from there and it's working perfectly for me.

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