Thanks FE

  PurplePenny 14:01 09 Dec 2003

I don't think that FE has noticed all the additions to the "Thanks to Taran" thread and he's been having a bad weekend so I'd just like to say:

Thanks FE. You do a damn fine job.


  Ben Avery 14:09 09 Dec 2003

Hope your bad weekend hasn't dragged into this week too?!

We all love you here and without your advice and guidance, many of us would still be at home , relaxing in front of and open fire, sipping a glass of chilled Sancerre in our spare time rather than spending it on here getting PC-induced headaches, diminished vision and stress related nervous dissorders...

..hang on that doesn't sound right???

Aw well, we still think you're great! Keep up the good work.



  Taran 16:44 09 Dec 2003

The trouble with being a Forum Editor is the Catch 22, can't please them all but try to anyway.

I'd have gone barking a long time ago (no comments please) if I had to do his job and I certainly wouldn't have been able to keep my temper in check on several occasions.

One virtual glass raised !

  Forum Editor 18:11 09 Dec 2003

and others. What lovely people you are.

The Internet has transformed the way the world works in many ways, and one of the big plus factors as far as I'm concerned is the ability each of us has to communicate with people we wouldn't otherwise meet. In the three and a bit years I've been involved with this forum I must have had virtual conversations with thousands of people, and for most of the time I've enjoyed it immensely. Thanks once again - bad weekend now forgotten.

  holligan 20:59 09 Dec 2003

One thing i find strange about these forums is you try to put a face to the name.A bit like radio
or is it just me ?

  slowhand_1000 14:44 10 Dec 2003

it will soon be weekend again lol

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