Thanking for replies ?

  peejayryt 11:06 03 Mar 2003

Is it discourteous not to send thanks for answers or does it just add traffic to the system?

  MAJ 11:08 03 Mar 2003

It's not discourteous, quite the opposite in fact, but it's better to do it in the original thread, peejayryt.

  carlinglover 11:09 03 Mar 2003

i always post a thankyou to the guys in here for their time and advice.. to me its just good manners..and to show i appreciate their time and effort... but everybody is different ... and a green tick also helps the guys and maybe a post to say how you solved the problem so others know what to look for if they get the same...

  MAJ 11:10 03 Mar 2003

I read that wrong, peejayryt, sorry, but you get the point. ;-)

  Pesala 11:29 03 Mar 2003

Have to scroll down to the bottom again and check the resolved box. This is best. We all forget to acknowledge, and get ticked off sometimes.

  Sir Radfordin™ 11:34 03 Mar 2003

The thank you bit isn't the most impt, its much better to know what the fix was. Often 2 or 3 answers are posted and the person who asked the question doesn't always come back and say what solved it. That doesn't help anyone who has the same problem in the future.

  Pesala 11:35 03 Mar 2003

A mistake a lot of us make is to assume that someone couldn't even be bothered to say thank you or tick the thread as resolved. There are many reasons why people cannot respond immediately.

They may be at work, and get called away, and distracted. Their connection may go down. They may simply forget. Sometimes they post a message before leaving for work, or before going to bed. None of these things are discourteous.

A better way to phrase the question would be, "Is it courteous to say thank you for help received?" Yes, of course, but no offence meant and none taken if you don't manage to respond for some reason.

  €dstow 11:41 03 Mar 2003

It's nice to be thanked if you've helped someone but far more important in my opinion is to let everyone know which (if any) answer solved the problem. A lot of threads just get forgotten about or green ticked without any indication as to whether the advice given was any good.

So, a thank you is nice, a comment or reaction is even better!


  spikeychris 11:45 03 Mar 2003

Can I have your autograph please..


  leo49 12:03 03 Mar 2003

Get with the program - all requests on the Forum must now apparently be prefaced by Name,Rank,Serial No,Inside Leg Measurement,StarSign,the name of your Goldfish and the number of pigs on the Farm.


  Sir Radfordin™ 12:05 03 Mar 2003

hope your not trying to adopt my identity!

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