Thank you

  khareji 18:35 21 May 2004

Silly place to put it i know, but i wanted to say a thank you to everyone who has been helpful with my problems (all of which are now put right :))

My comp had a major virus and everything had to be got rid off, and having no clue how to do this i was overjoyed when i found my mums old copy of PC Advisor, and on page 180 an article Total reinstall, total safety. Amazing or what. Followed the advice, then came on this fantastic site (part of pc advisor, what a cool company) where all you wonderful ppl have helped a person with no computer clues how to get all systems back on. So happy think i will cry.

Mainly thanks to Arthur Scrimchaw (who bless him even went onto website to find they had what i needed before informing me), Smegs (for his patience with my little pc vocab), and christmascracker (for giving me an idea of what the hell a peace of software i had downloaded was for). Great big hugs and kisses all areound.

  Pesala 18:48 21 May 2004

A thank you makes it even more worthwhile. Even if an answer is not the right solution it helps to say so, and to let everyone know if a solution did solve the problem. Finally, tick the thread as resolved to save people checking to see if it has been answered satisfactorily.

  rawprawn 19:42 21 May 2004


  Old Shep 19:50 21 May 2004

A few days ago I had a whinge because either people did not say thanks or just ticked the thread as resolved without telling us how they fixed the problem. You have made my day, it makes this forum so worthwhile. Good Luck

  stalion 20:01 21 May 2004

thankyou for thanking your helpers on the forum .Regards

  christmascracker 20:22 21 May 2004

That's lovely. Thank you :-)

  Djohn 22:49 21 May 2004

This is really nice to hear and I'm sure all the people who help out will be pleased on reading your thread.

A special thanks to the people named as well. All three are here many hours as are others and willing to help for no other reason than the pleasure of making someones PC work as it should.

The knowledge contained in this forum and the willingness to spend hours searching for an answer is priceless. I'm as pleased as you are that your machine is now working as it should. j.

  mammak 23:16 21 May 2004

khareji good on you. its the best place to be PCA when you got problem with your comp they become mates in the end, good bunch all i say wont mention names but FE is real good at helping' and a lot more but they dont need metioned as they as we do know they are the best, vog' djohn' woodchip' spikey chris' did i name you it wasent me lol

  Arthur Scrimshaw 01:20 22 May 2004


Thats really kind of you to say that, and it makes all of us feel good to know that we have been able to help.

Thanks again :-)

  Old Shep 17:35 22 May 2004

Well worth a bump.

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