Thank You

  ZootHornRollo 09:55 13 Feb 2004

I just wanted to say what a great forum this is.

I have visited it many times but have had to come to it with 3 different problems within the last day or so and each one has been resolved really quickly - quicker than any helpline - and simply in terms that even yours truly can understand.

Thanks everybody for being so helpful:-)

  Indigo 1 10:00 13 Feb 2004

That's a great name m8 !

Who could resist answering any queries for you ?

  ZootHornRollo 11:48 13 Feb 2004

Thanks Indigo - I can't take credit for the name though; it was nicked from one of the guitarists in Captain Beefheart's Magic Band - you may remember them from late 60s / early 70s - finest moment being on a song called "Big Eyed Beans from Venus" when the good Capt. says "Mr Zoot Horn Rollo hit that long leaning note and let it float" which is exactly what Zoot proceeds to do.

Pure brilliance!

  Audeal 13:42 13 Feb 2004

I hope your name isn't copyright, after all someone thought of it

  Djohn 14:17 13 Feb 2004

ZootHornRollo, nice of you to say so. Your post made me stop and think back several months to when the "Blaster" worm hit many hundred, if not thousand's of people.

"Jester2k" along with many other members where kept busy for several days, answering request for help. These cries for help were coming into the forum by the minute. There must have been ten times the amount that actually posted, who came into the forum saw the answer ready waiting for them, and went on there way happy to have found the cure.

This is something we don't always stop to think about, the fact that one question posted and answered helps many other people in the background. So if you don't mind, I will also add my thanks to your thread to all the people who spend many hours helping others.

Why do they do it? They don't get paid for helping, just the satisfaction of helping another PC user to fix a problem or point them in the right direction before spending money they may not need to.

Well done everyone, you all deserve a big thank you. j.

  GroupFC 21:51 13 Feb 2004

Including you goodself!

  feb 21:59 13 Feb 2004

Is there anything more gratifying than a Green Tick?

  [email protected] 00:15 14 Feb 2004

There sure ain't.

But I still take a peek as I might learn something else.

  Gaz 25 02:07 14 Feb 2004

click here


This file I created checks yuor PC for the virus, removes it if found and checks to see if you are protected against future intrusions. If so it will help yuo patch your system up.

Just as simple as downloading and running the above file.

  georgemac 08:22 14 Feb 2004

I have run your script, it told me that I did not have the virus but I had no protection. I have gone to the ms site from the link and am downloading the patch, I installed it before but have reformatted since and must have lost it, but this week was at windows update and have no critical updates left to install - all have been installed.

But installed the update KB824146 and it installed. So why would windows update not have installed this?

Anyway - good app - thanks

  Jester2K 09:51 14 Feb 2004

Don't worry. I have had the patch installed since it came out and the script still tells me its not installed.

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