TFT v CRT moniters

  mec13 21:33 27 Jun 2005

Well I'll jump straight in to what I think is my level of computer knowledge and although not an 'absolute beginner', I think you should have called this forum 'Lesser knowledgable one's', so the phrase 'keep it simple' need not be stated so often,


I have a flat screen moniter(got to admit a cheapie), and an older crt(I think thats what there called) which was quite up-market in its day. The flat screen moniter goes black with a note saying 'out of range' when certain games are played on my machine, but the older crt moniter seems to be able to cope, when I've swopped them over, why's this?

  [email protected] 22:37 27 Jun 2005

What size is your TFT monitor?

I think the problem will be that the game is set at a resolution that is too high for the TFT to display. Due to the way TFTs work, they have a native resolution where everything looks clearest (1024 x 768 for 15", 1280 x 1024 for 17") but cannot display outputs greater than this native resolution. Try turning it down on the game. It will probably be in the video/graphics section of the options.


  DieSse 23:06 27 Jun 2005

Possibly the refresh rate is set to high whilst in some games. Look at the graphics settings for the games, check the resolution, and refresh rate - the refresh rate for TFT monitors should be set to 60Hz.

  Graham ® 08:53 28 Jun 2005

For beginners:

CRT = Cathode Ray Tube. The original television type. Large, heavy and bulky. Cheap but excellent picture. Best for gamers, I understand.

LCD = Liquid Crystal Display. Smaller and lighter than CRT. Slow response time, so not ideal for gamers. click here

TFT = Thin Film Transistor. A type of LCD, but with 'active-matrix'. click here

  Graham ® 10:07 28 Jun 2005

What a prawn! Link for TFT should be click here

  mec13 18:58 28 Jun 2005

my tft manual says that the resolution should be 60(does that sound right)I've actually set it at 70, can't remember how I did it, but it did come with a warning. My older moniter(crt) havn't got a clue what resolution that is. It's big, heavy, but dosn't let me down, and both are 17" at 1024x768 pixels. Idealy if both could be connected to my machine, one for games, and the posher flat screen one for basic computering stuff, would be nice. I purchased my package, which included this flat moniter, thinking that they where the way forward (Time Computer, Xphome,sp2)and not very impressed with it either.

  DieSse 19:33 28 Jun 2005

The resolution is the 1024x768 figure

The refresh rate is the 60Hz (Hertz). 70Hz is not correct for the majority of TFT screens.

The thing is, that in games, you can often adjust these figures differently from that of your normal useage - that could be what's causing the problem.

  Completealias 19:35 28 Jun 2005

Think thats your refresh rate your talking about right click on the desktop choose properties and then settings tab click the advanced button and then choose the monitor tab you can change the refresh rate frm there set it to 60Hz for your tft and you should be ok

  Totally-braindead 20:13 28 Jun 2005

I think DieSse may have the solution there. Presumming both monitors are set to 1024x768 and they both support it, it may be the game you are trying to play is set to run at a higher setting hence your problems. My cheapo 17" TFT has everything set to run at 1024x768 because that is the highest it supports if I went in to a game and set it higher then it wouldn't work and I'd get a message like you're getting. The reason the CRT works is that they in general are able to work at a higher resolution, you may find it can run at up to 1600x1200 on the CRT. As DieSse has suggested check your game resolution settings.

  mec13 20:42 28 Jun 2005

I set my refresh rate(got it right this time,thanks)to 70 on advice from a supposingly knowledgable friend of mine, who stated 'that should sort it', but it didn't, and left it at that. So now I know how to re refresh it back to 60, I will follow your advise. Just for the record I have four settings from a drop down menu to select for my refresh rate: 60,70, 72, 75, this I've just found out via this right clicking,I suppose 60 is still the best option? This is the flat screen of course.

Got to admit though, my big, bulky, television style monitor of mine is smiling back at me, with that smirky grin.

  Completealias 21:23 28 Jun 2005

With the CRT monitors a refresh rate of 60 still has a flicker which is not noticable but can still cause the person using it to have a headace therefore it is recommended to set refresh rates on a CRT to above 70.

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