TFT screen on old operating system.

  Venus 23:44 20 Jan 2003
  Venus 23:44 20 Jan 2003


I bought a second-hand TFT screen at a computer fair for £159. I want to use it on a computer I use with Windows 98 but I am also in the process of setting up an old 486 my son gave me to run the old Dos6.5 and Windows 3.1 on (for nostalgia and also I've got some programs I like, believe it or not, that only run on these two items. One in DOS and one in Windows 3.1).
The monitor runs OK in Windows 98 first edition. There was no driver with it but I just kept pressing 'Enter' (as they guy who sold it to me said to) no matter what Windows asked and it just installed OK. I probably haven't got the best picture it is capable of but I only wanted it to get away from the electro-magnetic radiation of a cathode ray tube.
What I want to know is this: Can I use the TFT monitor with DOS and Windows 3.1 I know there won't be a driver in those for it but will it work? I don't care if it doesn't look very marvellous so long as it works as well as on old CRT monitor and doing this won't harm the monitor.
Anybody out there know anything about this type of monitor? £159 might not seem like much but it is a lot to me and I don't want to mess it up before I've had some use out of it.


  DieSse 00:51 21 Jan 2003

"I only wanted it to get away from the electro-magnetic radiation of a cathode ray tube"

All monitors emit electro-magnetic radiation - it's called light. You couldn't see a picture on them without it!

To answer your specific question, however - yes - you can use a TFT for DOS and Win3.1 - but the picture may not be very nice.

Most 15" monitors are designed to work at 1024x768 pixels (to match the construction of the monitor. DOS is definately NOT that resolution. Win3.1 could be set to that resolution if your graphics card can manage it - so it's more a hardware question than a software one.

  Venus 21:04 23 Jan 2003

I meant the radiation from the cathode ray tube, sorry!

I was just worried that the monitor might be damaged in some way by using it on old software. When you are short of cash you worry about this sort of thing. However I was reassured by your reply.
I definitely feel happier using a TFT screen than a CRT screen. The LCD displays don't hurt my old eyes as much as the CRT screens.

Thank you for taking the time to respond


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