TFT Screen & Graphics Display problem

  Audio~~Chip 13:11 04 Oct 2009

Hi all,

WinXP Pro SP3 32bit, Quad Core 2.8GHz, 4GB DDR1067 using 3.2GB, PowerColour HD4850 PCS+ 512MB GDDR4 all windows update done.

Have tried Power Colour ATI Driver v9 download which includes all the VIVO & HDMI add ons as these are on my card and now changed to the ATI/AMD website download driver suite package v9

Problem on my 3yr old ViewSonic VX924 TFT is I have have my screen set at 1024x768 which is not what I usually have when I had it on my other machine with a nVvidia PCI-Express card it was higher more like 1080x720 or something near where the icons on desktop were great.

Now with this new machine I have just built using 1024x768 Desktop picture is fine, I run a programme and the text within it is all blurry so if I up the Resoloution to higher on 60HZ, then it sorts it out and its sharp and great all round.

Bad and annoying then my screen start flickering at random about every 15 - 30 seconds Black then on it doesn't turn off just goes blank to nothing.

Have tried another monitor a CRT and same thing on a little more difficult to work with as it doesn't synch at all when it goes off.

Connected with a DVI cable and no VGA-DVI adapter being used

Card Temp is 55c, Motherboard temp about 35 and CPU 48. PSU is a 700w Coolermaster 700 modular with 80 cert.

Desperate to get this sorted as I am trying to work on the machine.

  DieSse 13:56 04 Oct 2009

The native resolution of your monitor is 1280x1024 - that's what it should be for the best picture.

Native resolution is where the pixels from the graphics card exactly match the construction of the disply panel. Yours being a 19" monitor built to 1280x1024 (mine is too - though a different make).

You'll also find that setting the display properties to Cleartype (Display Properties - Appearance tab - Effects - second box down) will stop characters from looking a little "dotty".

  Audio~~Chip 20:54 04 Oct 2009

I tried that and hardly made any difference to improve things. The other think I have noticed is my new Logitech Wireless Keyboard & Mouse set from ebuyer its a 1500 rechargeable model which comes with Setpoint 4, well it stopped displaying the onscreen Caps lock & numbers lock when on & off.

I am working on my older machine which I had no graphics issues on and its has a Iiyama Vision Master Pro 413 CRT the display on this can go upto 1600x1200 but my new build on the Viewsonic VX924 19" 1280x1024 max is this figure dependant on what the actual screen can support of the actuall maximum for the Graphics card ?

If it is the Graphics card max screen res then its not good for a PowerSolour HD4850 512MB PCS+ overclocked model (by default) source ebuyer.

The problem machine seems to have a mind of its own with the display going from Black to viewable again, call it intermittant

I am wondering if its linked to the screen - PCI-Express Card - Keyboard problem.

Could it be the ATI Drivers maybe current release, which are better direct from Powercolour or ATI/AMD.

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