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  [email protected] 17:03 10 Nov 2007

hi, i have a new monitor, in windows and nvidia control panel i have 2 choices of resolution 59 and 60 res? they both say 60 selected but all monitoring programs say 59 hertz @ 1920x 1200. should i select 59 hertz in my settings to match? i messed around with it all on set up so im not sure what i changed.
its click here on a 8800gtx xp pro btw.

  [email protected] 17:05 10 Nov 2007

sorry one of these click here

  100andthirty 18:53 10 Nov 2007

All looks OK; nothing to worry about. Assume you're connected via DVI - if you have a choice, use this

if the monitor came with a CD with a .inf driver and you haven't installed it, do so

  [email protected] 18:56 10 Nov 2007

i installed the driver, and it is dvi, it's just all my games are reading 59 hertz. i'll leave alone then, thanks for the reply.

  [email protected] 18:58 10 Nov 2007

I think you are referring to "screen refresh rate" which is a bit different from resolution. Usually the modern screens/graphics setups will indicate which refresh rate your monitor will support at a given resolution. The important thing is not to manually select a refresh rate which is higher than the monitor will accept - or permanent damage will/can be caused. Just browse your settings again and where possible select the default ones. You probably won't require more than 12.. x 10.. resolution for your monitor anyway at this stage - and if you try to select a refresh rate outside of the working parameters it is likely you will be informed. The 60 - 75Hz range is usual for monitors (CRT that is - not sure about TFT's) - you may notice flickering at the bottom of the range and there is no need to go higher than whatever pleases your eye/brain ;-)

  [email protected] 19:15 10 Nov 2007

sorry, i meant refresh rate. i had a screen with tabbed brightness before games/ text etc. and now i have to adjust it by the monitor which is a nightmare because it has touch sensitive buttons black on black, great idea!
i just changed refresh rate to 59 and the picture was poor so will leave it at 60, some games allow me to adjust the brightness from the game but my steam games dont do this.
think it's resoloved, just wish nvid had a reset default option.
thanks for the replies, i'll muddle on.

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