TFT or not TFT

  Richard Hillman 22:48 01 Apr 2003


Im interested in getting that computer from Aldi (Medion MD 8008 - £799.99) but don't know which screen to buy. There's two on offer (both Medion): a 15" TFT (max res 1024x768) for £159.99; or a 19" standard monitor (max res 1600x1200) for £119.99. Only got till 03/04/03 to decide. Wot u reckon?

  « Ravin » 22:56 01 Apr 2003

if you can try and get a 17" tft which will be about the same as a 19" crt .. a standard 19 " will occupy a whole lot of space.

  bfoc 23:03 01 Apr 2003

On which space is the most important. Your computer desktop space or your actual desktop space!

I had a 19' CRT monitor and have replaced it with a 17' TFT. I have, effectively, about the same computer desktop space, but a load more actual desktop available to me. But a 15' TFT will give you significantly less computer desktop to 'play' with. You will have to decide. Or you could spend somewhat more and buy a 17' TFT and have both desktop spaces!

A final point that is important to me, is that I don't risk a Hernia each time I move the TFT panel, unlike trying to move my CRT monitor!

  BeeWee 23:06 01 Apr 2003

don't forget that you have to pay with debit card or cheque...they don't accept anything else...also there is no floppy disc use with it

  Djohn 23:14 01 Apr 2003

After two years of working with a Taxan 19" crt monitor, "excelent quality" I have changed to a 17" AOC TFT, and even after only three weeks of use, I would never go back to a crt type, unless there was no other choice.

I find that I can sit at my PC for many hours without any eye strain at all, my eyes used to get sore after 40 to 50 minutes with the crt monitor, the display was set at 11x8 with a refresh rate of 100hz, so it was not caused by incorrect settings. J.

  accord 08:42 02 Apr 2003

TFT everytime, i use an iiyama 15" TFT and the dedicated one on my IBM laptop. Wouldnt go back to CRT. they are easier on the eyes aswell.

  Richard Hillman 00:20 03 Apr 2003

Thanks for that team uv been a lot of help. Case closed!

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