TFT monitors, wireless keyboard

  Lazi Desi 09:13 23 Jul 2005

Folks - a bit of general advice please. Planning to get a TFT monitor and a wireless keyboard/mouse. I use 98SE and just wanted to know if any of these peripherals worked on only specific Windows versions, or will most TFTs/keyboards work with 98SE?

Finally any recommendations for a 17" TFT, budget around £200?


  freaky 10:22 23 Jul 2005

There should not be a problem using a TFT with 98SE apart from drivers. Win XP fully supports TFT's via Plug & Play, whereas WIN 98SE probably does not. Therefore you would need to ensure that the TFT you purchase has it's own driver.

A good TFT is the Iiyama ProLite 17" H431S this has a very fast response time of 8msec, and you can download a driver from Iiyama for Win 98SE. If you search you should be able to get one for less than £200. A friend of mine bought one last week from Komplett click here

I would advise that you get a silver one.

As regards Wireless Keyboards......suggest either Microsoft or Logitech.

  DieSse 16:07 23 Jul 2005

A monitor is a monitor is a monitor. They don't require any special software - they should just work, on any system. Monitors don't in any case use drivers in the normal sense of the word.

Just make sure you reset the refresh rate to 60Hz before fitting the TFT monitor - and try to use the "native" monitor resolution - you'll get the best pcture that way.

Logitech keyboards are very good, and reasonably prced, generally speaking.

  freaky 18:05 23 Jul 2005

Windows 98 came out many years ago when TFT's were not available. Therefore a Driver would be required!!!!

  wiz-king 18:19 23 Jul 2005

I have put TFT screens on all 12 of my win98se amchines and they all 'plug and played' with no need for any disks.

  DieSse 18:19 23 Jul 2005

No driver is required. Try one and you'll see.

Monitors don't have drivers - if they have anything (and they don't have to have anything, Win has standard settings that work fine) - they have an .inf file, and maybe some colour profiles. The .inf file is just a text file with details of resolutions/refresh rates/etc that appear when you look at the display properties for the monitor.

I've installed a number of TFTs onto Win98 and ME systems without doing anything at all other than plug them in.

  freaky 18:12 24 Jul 2005

I have two Iiyama TFT's 19" and 17". There are Drivers available for download from Iiyama for each of them depending on which OS you are using.

Why would they make these available if it was not necessary ?

  DieSse 18:28 24 Jul 2005

If you look in the "driver" files you will see they are .inf files - you can open these with a text editor and see what is in them - and .icm files which are the colour profiles, which may help with colour matching.

They are absolutely not required to allow the monitor to work. And they are not software in the normal sense that is generally meant by a driver.

If you want to use them , they can be an added nicety, but the monitors will work absolutely fine without them, I promise you.

Some monitors with extra non-monitor facilities in them, such as USB hubs, may actually need drivers for the extra facilities - but not for the monitor itself.

  freaky 20:15 24 Jul 2005

Many thanks for the information. When I downloaded the drivers I noticed they were in 2 parts as you said. I did not install the drivers for a while and both TFT's functioned OK. However, when I did install them, I noticed a marginal improvement in appearance.

Once again, many thanks for taking the trouble to clarify my query.

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