TFT Monitors - Switching on and Off

  Goldcroft 07:18 02 Apr 2003

A friend of mine has been told by his computer supplier that he must always switch on his monitor before he switches on the computer, otherwise there will be damage. Is this right? And before anyone replies about not switching it off at all, I have suggested this but he doesn't use the machine a lot he says.

  watchful 07:30 02 Apr 2003

I was told the opposite - Computer (modem) on first, then monitor. No damage so far.

  hoverman 08:06 02 Apr 2003

Same as watchful here - I was told long ago when I purchased my first PC, computer first, then monitor. Never did find out if this is correct but I haven't damaged anything yet.

  Goldcroft 08:12 02 Apr 2003

Thanks watchful and hoverman. That really confuses the issue, doesn't it? I'll go back to my friend to make sure he got the supplier's message correct.

  huzzar 10:33 02 Apr 2003

You should always switch your monitor on first otherwise your computer may not recognise it. You will not damage your computer or monitor by switching it on out of turn.

  Goldcroft 11:08 02 Apr 2003

Checked with my friend. He confirms being told to always switch on monitor first. The forum score is 2 - 1 for switching the computer on before the monitor. Help! I will leave the message open.

  Mango Grummit 11:10 02 Apr 2003

You see, some one way, some another. Mine go on all at the same time. I don't think it can matter much otherwise there would be a lot more said about it.

  Goldcroft 11:21 02 Apr 2003

Think you're right Mango. Either way does not appear to have caused any damage.

  Megatyte 13:44 02 Apr 2003

What about monitors that are powered from the computer? These CAN'T be switched on first.


  Goldcroft 14:30 02 Apr 2003

Don't most of them have a separate on/off switch underneath or on the side?

  Megatyte 14:58 02 Apr 2003

There's no power available for them until the PC is turned on. I use a power block which I made myself, relay controlled from the PSU 12volt line. They are available commercially switched by the USB port. All accessories plug into this so that when your PC shuts down everything else powers down with it.


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