TFT Monitors - input please.

  Bodi 09:36 24 Aug 2003

I would be most grateful if those with TFT screens would give me their thoughts on the make, model etc. of what they have.

The wide variety of prices and models (I would like something in the region of 17")is quite confusing. Hearing first hand experiences would be most appreciated.


I have a 17in Sharp TFT which I am very happy with. It has incorporated speakers although I dont use them. I chose Sharp because we have a Sharp TV, video player and DVD player all of which have been trouble free and excellent products.

  Smiler 10:12 24 Aug 2003

I have a Samsung SyncMaster 171s and it is brilliant good resolution auto setup if necessary or manual tweaking. Comes with pivot ware wich means you can rotate the screen which is useful for portrait A4 work at full scale. Chose Samsung because my last two crt monitors were Samsung and never faultered plus it comes with a three year warranty.

  krypt1c 10:17 24 Aug 2003

This thread is about pros / cons of tft
click here

  Bodi 10:26 24 Aug 2003

I should mention that the main reason for changing to a TFT screen is that my CTX PR960F monitor is too heavy for me to move - although the picture quality is v. good.

I am also looking for a TFT screen with a USB hub.

krypt1c: It isn't so much the pros & cons of TFT I'm interested in, more the personal experience of users. What sort of difficulties (if any) they experienced etc. I am going to get one, but which one? - Thank you for the link.


  Rayuk 11:42 24 Aug 2003

click here
Dont have one just came across the review,

  Djohn 17:21 24 Aug 2003

Hi Bodi, I'm using a 17"TFT from AOC, made the change about 4 months back from a good quality 19"CTX, not regretted one moment of it, My 19" was refreshing at 101hz, but still my eyes would start to get tired after an hour or so, now I can use for as long as I wish, Did one session over 4 hours, no fatigue at all. j.

  powerless 17:39 24 Aug 2003

"I am also looking for a TFT screen with a USB hub."

Then may i tempt you at this click here ?

It'll be cheaper now.

2 USB ports, however there is an A to B connection from the hub to the base unit so you'll lose a USB port on the base, if you want the two on the TFT. It will not however power anything that needs to much power, for example a webcam.

It has a DVI and DSUB type connections, so will fit older and newer video cards. The text display is very good, i have no problems reading the text. It does help to have clear type fonts to (XP).

The controls are very easy to adjust to fine tune the display. But i just left them as they are as it suits me. I have mine on 1024X728 as everything displays just perfect for me. If you go all the way to 1280x1024 then text is to small for me...

Picture display is excellent. Cannot complain!

Watching a DVD is again Excellent...

Games (if you play them) are excellent as well i see nothing wrong with the display.

Not sure on the viewing angle. But you can see the display good at any angle.

It has plenty of tilt. I actually have my set parallel to me as i find its better than having tilt (depens on the height of you and you chair i guess to the amount of tilt +/-)

It's not heavy.

Looks nice.

Easy to clean.

More info click here (refresh the page if it fails to load)

You know you want it ;-))

  Bodi 19:22 24 Aug 2003

Now that was magic! Just the sort of thing I wanted to read. You have just earned you angel wings first class plus a golden halo - thank you.

Will have a long hard look - then blindfold my piggybank and advert its eyes from my present screen whilst I do the business.

Thanks to all - will leave this open a little longer.


  Psiman 20:51 24 Aug 2003

I use a 17" NEC Multisync 1700V mainly on the recommendation of the review in PCA. Very happy with it. Just ordered another NEC 1760NX which has a superb response time of 16ms. I would have tried a LG Flatron this time, as they are highly rated by PCA as well, but couldn't find one with a black bezel.

Don't forget the native resolution of a 17" is 1280 x 1024 which takes some getting used to. However, I use a software product called Liqid View which brings lower resolutions to almost native resolution like quality. (Comes free with an NEC TFT)

  Gaz. 21:01 24 Aug 2003

I too am planning to buy a 17" TFT for uni and have found this thread very helpfull, thanks to all who have posted.


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