TFT monitors any good

  malgall 19:45 29 Sep 2004

i am interested in buying a tft i have a few that interest me but one question it is about the monitors prefer there natural resolution which for 17inch is 1280x1024 i know that if i play a game at 1024x760 or 800x600 i loose picture quality my question is how much is the
lose bad because there is no doubt these monitors do have a great picture quality

can you help me

  Djohn 19:54 29 Sep 2004

The native resolution of a TFT is superb but will deteriorate quite a bit when lowered from this, far more so than a CRT type.

Some TFT models are a little better than others by using interpolation of the pixels, but still not as good as the correct resolution for the size of display.

I don't play many games so maybe one of the forum members who have a TFT and games of a low resolution can help out a little.

  jack 19:55 29 Sep 2004

Differing brands can vary despite that the panels are sourced from one or two makers, but cobbled to different electronic packs.
Best that you see one or two in action in a store
For games refresh rate is critical I would say
not that I play games my self you understand.

  Simon_P 23:04 29 Sep 2004

Within 6 months old or so
Will let you play at the native resolution as long as your graphics card can handle it.

The refresh rate is fixed at the native resolution, the important thing with TFT's is the response time, this is measured in milliseconds (ms) 16ms or lower and you should have no problems at all

  Djohn 23:21 29 Sep 2004

In what they say, The quicker response time the better in displaying moving graphics, it will depend on how the measurements have been taken.

Toms hardware guide is a good place to read up on the way manufacturers of panels measure their response time. Some only allow for the time taken to turn on or off a pixel, others allow for the turning off and back on again So depending on how the readings are taken a 25ms can sometimes be faster than a 16ms panel.

Extract from this article.

Our greatest disappointment was with the Compaq screen. The TFT5030 claimed a response time of only 20 ms, but it clearly hadn't been measured in the same way as its competitors.

click here and scroll down a little to read the remark. also click here to read several comparisons of TFT displays. j.

  Djohn 23:24 29 Sep 2004

Click on this one then in the lower of the two search boxes select Display and type in TFT monitor. It will bring up several pages of test and reviews. click here

  Simon_P 23:41 29 Sep 2004

cheers Djohn

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