tft monitors any good

  musiclady 09:10 03 Jan 2004

i'm looking for advice on whether to get a tft or not.

  Gongoozler 09:29 03 Jan 2004

Hi musiclady. You won't get a definitive answer on this one. Some people swear by tft monitors, and some swear at them! In general, I think the picture quality of a good crt beats that of a tft, but tft is getting better all the time, and a good tft is approaching the picture quality of a good crt. Crt can suffer from colour fringing and focus defects near the corners, wheras tft can have dead pixels, and the picture is only viewable over a relatively narrow angle. Where tft wins every time is in the amount of desk space it occupies.

The only way you can really decide is to go to your nearest large computer store and see for yourself.

  Legolas 09:34 03 Jan 2004

I got a tft recently and in general I am pleased with it although it took a bit of getting used to. Would I get another one....well if space was a real issue then I would go for a tft, if not I would stick with a crt after all you can get a good 19" crt for the price you might pay for a 15" tft.

  Diemmess 09:46 03 Jan 2004

Had 17"one for nearly two years now. It replaced a fancy 17" Ilyiama, which still works well for others in the family.

I needed the space and hated lugging the old CRT around even occasionally.

Excellent resolution, none of the dead pixels nonsense, narrower but by no means restrictive viewing angle, or apparent uneven lighting of the display.

By coincidence, saw a friend's old Philips 17" CRT last week and found myself "bothered" by the lack of sharpness/resolution.

Only regret, I bought the model with built-in speakers. That was a bad mistake, the audio quality is about 1 mark out of 10.

  Rayuk 10:14 03 Jan 2004

Thing to watch out for if you are a gamer is the response times 25ms -16ms lower is better.
Anything over 25 not so good for fast gaming

  g0nvs 11:10 03 Jan 2004

I went down this road a few months ago after a lot of research and came back with a LG 1710B 17" TFT monitor. With a 16ms response time and DVI input I have been unable to fault this monitor.

  Stuartli 12:27 03 Jan 2004

They are brilliant...:-))

But make sure you see the displays of a number of models first before making up your mind.

  Jabba10 12:55 03 Jan 2004

I swapped a FST 17" CRT monitor for a TFT about a month ago. I have to admit that the picture quality on the CRT (especially when working with images) was better. However, the images with the TFT are still much much better than the monitors around about 3-4 years ago.

I would never go back to a CRT now. Firstly because of the massive amount of space I've saved (I can now comfortably work at my desk as well as use the computer (which had previously taken up all the space!) and secondly, I find that a TFT monitor is much easier on the eye than the CRT's I've used.

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